unicycle = chick magnet

i would like to bring up the point again that unicycle = chick magnet.
I was in downtown Orlando last night riding with my brother and his friend Joey, both on P2s. I recieved very minimal negative comments while riding due to the fact that I was with two trials guys on bikes. We covered a good amount of distance during the evening and had a blast. A good portion of our ride was near Orange Av. and Church St., where the majority of the clubs are located downtown. I stopped outside of one place to talk to a bartender named Jessica who worked at a bar that I use to frequent. At that point we were walking the bikes and uni due to foot traffic. She wanted to see me ride it so I busted out a few moes… when I finished a guy approached me and asked if he could have a go. He said that he made a bet with his friend that he could ride it. I let the guy have a shot, and he wobbled for around 20-30 feet. Turns out the guy was the owner of a popular bar there in Orlando. He put us on the guest list with VIP and free drinks for the evening. We rode back to the car, threw the rides in and headed to the bar. On the way into the club my brother and I stopped and got Jessica’s number so we could set up a date with her and her twin sister. Awesome night riding, VIP and free drinks, plus setup a date with twins.

-btw it was 80s night. That means they were playing some MJ jagur.

Link contains no nudity, but might not be safe for those at work.

I disagree about a Unicycle being a chick magnet. I have ridden for over seven years and girls don’t flock to me. It’s whoever is riding, not the unicycle itself. Some guys are chick magnets, some aren’t. I’d say unicycles are people magnets though, because it starts conversations with all sorts of people, young and old, male and female.

I have to agree with Accord here…Girls flock to me when I’m on my unicycle, Maybe I’m already slightly a chick magnet on my own, but the unicycle is like an amplifier or something.

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OH MY GOD! That has got to be the best story i ever heard.

  • Rowan

i agree! i was unicycling at this national trust place and the ranger guy in his truck started asking me about my uni and i managed to idle the whole time which i was very proud of (but my legs weren’t!)

Yeah, unicycles are definite people magnets. I’
ve actually made some good friends from that. But I definetly agree, if you’re on a roll that day and you can bust out some sick tricks, girls will totally go for that.

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Just yesterday, riding through the neighborhood with the wife and kids (them on bikes, me on Niner), Loveliest Wife said “I’ll have to come along whenever you ride that thing” after I got another pretty smile from a young female jogger. (5th for the day)

I dont know about ‘chick magnet’ but people magnet, yes!

We (me and my dad) get talking to loads of people.

My dad is the worst, he stops and talks to women on their own (walking dogs, with pushchair etc) LOL its funny at times.

I would like unicycling to be a chick magnet, but usually the ‘chicks’ are with skaters, which is sometimes good, as we get talking about different tricks and stuff :slight_smile:


I’d certainly agree. When riding my muni either through town or on public cycle paths I’ve had spontanious favourable comments from several attractive females (admitedly guys comment too, but they don’t really count) :wink: . Simply speaking, I’ve never had a pretty girl turn her head and say “wow!” when I’ve walked past. :smiley: Unis are great!

By the way, has anyone out there started a long term relationship due primarily to unicycling?

  • Sam

Chick magnet yes, parent magnet…

I totally agree with the concept that unicycles are chick/people magnets, but sometimes it does work the other way. Last summer i had been spending a lot of time with a girl who had been in my algebra class, she lived about 15 minutes walking distance from my house. Her father (who was quite overprotective and already weary of letting his little girl spend time with me) really didn’t take it to well when i peddled up to their front door on my uni with blue hair one day… to make everything simple lets just say that after that day i made much fewer trips to her house…

Anyone suffering from a lack of success in this area may want to reconsider their use of the word ‘chick’ when describing a member of the opposite sex.

I definetly think if you ride a unicycle your pimp- thast all there is to it- just pimp

i think that being the “unicycle guy” has definitely helped me with the ladies. I have two pickup lines. One is, “What’s your favorite color?” “mine too! Let’s make out.” This rarely works but my second line, “I’m the unicycle guy,” always works. Girls always reply with lines like “REALLY? I saw you…” or “My roomate saw you…” And even the occasional “No way, don’t lie.”

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> i would like to bring up the point again that unicycle = chick magnet.

At the other end of the spectrum I find that those guys who might normally
try to charm me with some atrocious pick up line or other become verbally
impotent, and at a total loss for words, when I ride rather than walk past
them. Many of them of course appear more intelligent in this state, open
mouthed but silent.
A few want a go, and invariably measure their length on the pavement.
I find unicycling acts as an efficient idiot filter, and saves me much time
in weeding out chaff.

Naomi :wink:

unicycle = chick magnet??? Nope: I fall off far too often for that to
be true. :wink:

Being a young stud, like Adam, probably has more to do with it than the unicycle. Being an old geezer, like me, the flocking has yet to occur.


You’ve given this post a nice balance! Being a guy (in the “old geezer” department as Harper would say) I should side with the guys, but you get the prize for best response in this thread!

How is it that a girl smiling at you can have such an impact on a guy? Keep smiling girls, we love it and need it!


Dont lie Greg, I’ve seen how the hotties flock to you like you like butter melting on toast.

Please slap me when this happens again. Neither my reflexes nor my eyesight are particularly good anymore and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

I’ve heard a lot about the MUni being a chick magnet but my Coker REALLY gets the job done.
… they probably think its a representation of something…my great big love of life and wonderous personality of course! … but I digress


but seriously, it definetly brings up the most conversation pieces and they always want to try to ride it so that always brings more things up. One girl i’ve actually been developing a friendship with by teaching her how to ride.

Truley a people magnet at its heart.

Unless of corse you get the jerks who try to shove you off…god I hate them… I dont consider them people: more or less manifestations of a dark underworld or something

…10 years from now and you might start having my luck, Harper.

I really think it was the rolling 180 to backwards riding that sealed the deal. I’ll admit that I’m a pretty outgoing guy with a fair amount of charm. However, the unicycle has helped me to essentiate this.

I’m suprised the thread has gone this far with out the mentioning of… but skill level 11?