Unicycle Caving Documentary

Hey guys, first time posting up here, I hope you enjoy the video :slight_smile:


Really cool :astonished: & very professionally put together filming.

Thanks for sharing.

Caving is a former passion of mine from years ago. I loved it. I never even thought of putting the two together. Nicely done!

Crazy and wonderful! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Thanks guys, it was an absolutely crazy adventure, possibly the most physically and mentally exhausting two days of my life. What you don’t see in the documentary is us the four of us carrying all the lighting, camera equipment, unicycles, caving gear through hours of tight crawls and awkward passage ways and then having to do each line over and over again while completely exhausted :stuck_out_tongue: totally worth it though.

Also all the interview questions were filmed right at the end of all the unicycle caving and I think it shows in some of my comments :stuck_out_tongue:

If you liked the video it would really help us out if you could share it about. The guys who filmed it are old friends who are trying to set up a videography business and if the video gets big enough it would be a good break for them. Also the more views the video gets the greater the chance of a feature length sequel :slight_smile:

It’s an awesome video and great concept! Now I just have to find a cave nearby :slight_smile:

I’ve shared it on Adventure Unicyclist.

Hope to see more!

That was way cool! Some of that terrain looked awesome to ride.

Interesting, eccentric and beautifully filmed…bloody well done chaps.


Great Video,

Nice work. Caving is a major interest of mine, so it’s really cool to see how you integrated unicycling into it and created a quality video. It must have been tough to ride, even in the open sections, with the mud coating the floor.

You mentioned that you cave to explore and you enjoy the physical aspect of it (paraphrasing…) while other people enjoy “looking at pretty things” underground. I hope that you tried to cave softly anyway since there are some people, myself included, who think that caves are extraordinary natural resources that should be conserved. A cave ceiling full of soda straws that took several hundred or thousand years to form could be destroyed with one poorly controlled fall off a unicycle.

It looks like the sections of the cave you filmed in lacked delicate formations, so perhaps you already took this into account. In any case, it looked like you had a great time. I’d be tempted to try the same thing if there were any suitable caves near me.

Also, awesome red beard!

Very professional video, skilled unicyclist - but sorry, caving and unicycling doesn´t fit together for me. So next time undersea unicycling? :wink:

That was a great video. I enjoyed watching it. Thank you

Good video, great riding skills