Unicycle car rack?

Does anyone know if Thule ( a very popular car rack manufacture) makes a unicycle car rack. The reason I would like purchase one is because this summer I am going to the beach with my family, and I would like to bring my uni, for some nice morning rides on the boardwalk and what not. I will have no room in the trunk for this, so any suggestions on a uni rack?

SEARCH is your friend. According to this thread, here are unicycles on a Thule.

Any reguler old bike rack will do.Get the kind with two bars sticking straight out,put the wheel on one side,rest the seat on the other side,and strap it down.

We took 4 unis to moabmf like that this year,worked perfectly.

We got our bike rack years ago at a yardsale for $5.

why does everyone always think that something else will not work and a unicycle is way different from anything else? :thinking: a usual bike rack will do fine :roll_eyes: