unicycle buying advice

I plan on getting a unicycle in the next couple of weeks. This would be my first one. I was looking at getting a Torker dx, but I’m open to alternative suggestions (my budget is around $200 to $300). I was going to get a new 2007 Torker dx on ebay for about $260, but I also found a used 2006 (I’m not positive on the model year) for around $160. Which one should I get? Or should I look into a different unicycle entirely?

Josh T.

The DX is just fine, just make sure you use the search next time though, type in Torker DX and a million helpful things will pop up :smiley:

I would go with the used one

Or wait until AE Bike has KH’s in stock again. If you stick with it, you will wish you had got a nicer uni, Koxx or KH. Read this thread :slight_smile: