Unicycle Basketball!

I was invited to a unicycle basketball tournament in about a week now. As you know, Puerto Rico has a great unicycle basketball team, so, I think you know why there’s the tournament…Anyways, what are your experiences on unicycle basketball? Have you ever even played it? Did you have fun? Anyways, two interesting points are that I can’t idle very well, or shoot. But there’s always someone better than you, or someone worse…:stuck_out_tongue: So…(you get it)

Uni-basketball is a blast! I’ve played a couple times and plan to play tonight.

I love that, despite my feeling competent at unicycling and basketball individually, putting them together yields quite a different thing. And, I love that it looks completely absurd.

I’ve only played once, at the last Berkeley Juggling Festival, but I had a blast. I didn’t realize how much fun it could be!

My team got our collective butt whooped by a bunch of top-notch freestylists; one’s ability to ride backwards, idle and hop in place (hands free) really gives them an edge in the game.

Playing a sport on a unicycle takes both the sport and the riding to a new level. I thought I was cool being able to eat take-out pizza and drink a soda while riding down the sidewalk, but a sport that requires lots of agility, speed and precision takes all your concentration and physical skill. Concentrating on your position relative to the basket, while concentrating on playing defense / offense and concentrating on not colliding with other players is, well, quite tough. I bet it gets easier with practice…

…nonetheless, go out and play! Let us know how you do. I can’t wait for my next game!

Ottawa came second at the big meet in Toronto! Hells yeah. I can’t shoot though. I just passed to people :stuck_out_tongue: .

Basketball is great. We occasionally have a game in the UK but not nearly often enough. We did manage our best showing at this year’s unicon by actually winning a game. The Puerto Rican All Stars gave us a whopping, though. Great bunch of lads, say ‘hi’ from team UK!

Learning to still stand even for just a second is a great help and gives you time to look for a pass or shot. You usually have more time than you think.

Every Tuesday in Berkeley, dude.

That’s what I did when I was on a basketball team! Ironic, I learned to play basketball AFTER quitting the team… :smiley: But I’ve got to practice my shooting. I read last year’s UNICON rules’ about unicycle basketball. I’m saved because I just learned to idle(I think 5 idles is more than enough, I can do about 12, I think it’s safe to say…), and I can freemount. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve met 3 unicyclists already(In a day!!)! I wouldn’t be surprised if a 5-year-old on a Jugglebug passed me and shot…apparently Puertorricans like basketball, they won against the Dream Team in the 2004 Olympics(not on unicycles, of course), Coca-Cola even made a commercial about it! I know I’ll do something…even if I get benched for being new… :thinking: Well, the thought of at least watching the game is exciting… :sunglasses:

Hola Andrea,

Esperamos verte el domingo en el torneo de baloncesto en San Sebastian. Dejame saber si vas a ir, ok! :wink:

Nos vemos!