Unicycle backpack

I’m thinking of buying one of those fancy unicycle backpacks, but I don’t quite know which size to get.

I have a 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle, would that fit in the 20" Qu-Ax uni backpack or the 20" mesh pack from unicycle.com?
unicycle.com’s mesh pack doesn’t have much information in description, whereas the Qu-Ax backpack says “the 20” version is also suitable for 507 mm (24") unicycles with “normal” tires"
I’m guessing the Qu-Ax version would be a fit for my uni, but I’d just love a more educated opinion since I’m not entirely certain what the “507 mm” refers to, or what is considered a “normal” tire.

On a related note, are there any other backpack options out there, or are we stuck between these two? And how’s the quality overall?

The 507mm is just the metric way of saying 24" wheel. “Normal” tire would refer to tire width, I’d say less than 2" wide you should be fine. From what I’ve heard, the Qu-ax backpack has no quality issues, but I only know people who use it for 20".

I have a 20" unicycle backpack (I believe it’s from Ajata, a german unicycle shop), I used to use it to carry my unicycle on my back while riding a bike. To be honest, this is the only real use case I have for it, now that I moved to a city with good public transport, I never put my unicycle in a bag. The low budget and not as fancy option is to just strap your unicycle to a regular backpack, which I do quite often to carry it into a store, or when I have a lot of luggage in my hands. Works quite well if you have a backpack with enough straps on it.