Unicycle article in staff magazine

Thought you might like to see this article that I was asked to write for the staff magazine.


my unusual hobbies.bmp (980 KB)

i like the article…good way to show how yes a unicyle is a circus skill but is also somethin just to do for fun

wow thats cool you got some media attention. always cool to see that. and now i understand what your avatar is.

Thats good to show that unicyclists arent always going to go off and join the circus, but some of us do have the skills to… :smiley:

Nicely done…That’s a fine piece. I very much like the last paragraph!

Great article and pics, cathwood. Can’t wait till I am riding like that :slight_smile:

Thank you all.
My son’s photo skills are coming on too (he took the photo of me on a unicycle).


Hi Cathy,
Congrats on the publicity!

That’s great all the skills you have. My little bro and I were into the circus arts as kids but had clownaphobia.

We did stilts, slackrope, juggling and unicycling. My dad seriously thought we would run away and joing the circus instead of going to college!

I’d like to see the fire swinging. That sounds intense. Not until my 6 year old gets a little bigger tho!!!

Thanks for sharing!