Unicycle app

I’m Planning on making a unicycle app for when you ride but i’m not too sure what too include on it and was wondering if I coud get some help?

I’m aiming to create something like stava, only as a reference point, but for unicycles. some of the things I was already thinking were: Distance, Speed, Cadence(Based apon crank and wheel size),able to save routes you’ve done for others to see or next time and be able to save different unicycles and their infomation which you can select before rides.

What features would you want on it?

Are there any apps out there that you use that i could get inspiration from?


Why not just build upon something that already exists. Platforms like Strava enables you to build apps on top of them using an API. Then you can (possibly as I have never investigates this) use an already great base but add the unicycles specific features that you think is missing.


That is very helpful thank you but I’m actually making it apart of something where you have to make it from scratch using only your own code.

I’ve actually written a GPS tracking app myself, which I use sometimes to record my unicycle rides. I too would be interested in what unicyclists would want from such an app.

For me, just a track on the phone and a log of the ride is enough, plus an easily exportable GPX format file with regular time and position points. Cadence is slightly interesting (I’m not sure how fast I can really spin), BUT getting maximums (as opposed to averages) from GPS data is not very reliable, even when you do lots of fancy mathematical path smoothing (as my app does) taking into account the reported GPS error and the doppler based GPS speed estimates (and the tire size and track wobbliness factor). Some indication of the track vertical profile is interesting (and fairly easy), but anyone who uses known tracks (such as on Trailforks maps) can get even more accurate track profiles from a combination of many averaged user tracks as well as a digital terrain elevation model.

Some people might want it to work on a smart watch and give correlated heart rate measurements (also inaccurate?), but I’m not one of those.

My own app (named TrackEcho on the Apple store) was originally written for some light aircraft pilots who wanted something like a “flight note” which would email a “trusted observer” of the start and end of a flight (with a near real time track) for possible emergency assistance. The pilots eventually lost interest, so it is not promoted, but the app is available and I use it myself for unicycling.

More details and screenshots of my app can be found on my associated web pages at https://flight.projectcomputing.com/

Feel free to try it if you have an iPhone (I developed it for that platform even though I personally would have preferred Android development). The first 10 tracks are free, then you can pay a small amount to keep going, or delete the app.

Maybe one day I might modify/simplify/tailor it for unicycling. Anyway, if you wanted to talk in more technical detail you could message me or whatever one does on this forum (which I only just joined).

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I’m honestly not aware of any feature I miss in other apps that is unicycle specific, but I mostly use GPS tracking on the unicycle the way I would on a bicycle.

Maybe trial riders could get some useful data from gyro sensors an the like to improve their skills?

The uni platform i use is skrrrt.io and it has a bunch of uni specific features! Mostly good for freestyle kinda stuff as it looks rn

SkrrrtTheGame: every week a game of inviting each other to try different tricks :love_you_gesture: first one to land most of the others tricks wins, but anyone can play for the fun and whatever trick you send will be apreciated

User profiles include pictures of setups as well as favorite kinds of riding/tricks that you’re proud of or that you dream of

You could look into skrrrt for inspirantion to your project or see if you wanna join the comunity there. Colby Thomas is the admin if you wanna hit him up with questions about the programming stuff or maybe he would be interested in your help putting the distance ride tracking into skrrrt