Unicycle antiquity

Carl Linder, a retired friend I used to work with, sent this little bit along to me. I will try to get the picture from him and scan it in so you may have a look.

Carl writes:

You may be surprized to hear how anciently we find unicycles represented in tomb art. I quote from some archaeology I browsed recently:

"…from the princely grave at Hochdorf, Baden-Wurttenburg, second half of sixth century, BC.

…bronze and iron funerary couch, … supported by eight hand-high female unicyclists riding iron casters."

There is a small illustration on which you can just make out the uni-babes, with hands held high, “supporting” this heavy-looking elongated coal-scuttle thing, where, presumably, the prince was laid out, but alas I have no scanner.


Re: Unicycle antiquity

Even more suprising is that the “bronz and iron funerary couch” is revealed to be, on closer inspection, a Van de Graaff Generator.



I have seen you misspell almost every imaginable word in your posts and yet there are few in the world who are able to correctly spell Van de Graaff’s name. What’s your secret? It doesn’t somehow involve familiarity with one’s own leg, does it? I washed my hands after watching that video. I felt…violated.

Hope you and Lewis put some more stuff up soon.

In fact I had to check the label on My own personal Van de Graaff Generator for that post. Were it not for recent limbering efforts, I would have surely misspelled it.


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>I have seen you misspell almost every imaginable word in
>your posts and yet there are few in the world who are able to
>correctly spell Van de Graaff’s name.
I have quite a few records of the rock band VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR
(their capitalisation). For some reason I have always assumed that it
was named after the device to generate high electrostatic voltage, and
that it was spelled identically. I am surprised to learn the correct
spelling of Van de Graaff!

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“Guantanamo Bay, OPS 2A building 688-6911(b), NIJ”