Unicycle Animation

I just finished a unicycling animation that I have been working on for a few weeks. I thought I’d share it with everyone, so here’s a link: www.unicyclejester.com/animation/uni_dreams.html



Excellent job on music!
Under flash 3, 4, (and 5?) this would be hell to do.

Did you use any 3th party tools for this beatifull animation style of the unicycling parts?


Nice work, i like the freestyle bit, is it the bit on U2? i know the becnh one is :slight_smile:


A masterpiece, I loved it.

You are now in a Wiki Book:

I am intrested to know what you used to create it… is it something you can get for free?


Excellent! That’s amazing. Did you record the music yourself?


that was the best ever

I can’t believe I’m using this word, but…


Raphael Lasar
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Very nice! I like the floopy hat.



Jester 2000, that thing is priceless! I laughed, my gosh! There is just way too much truth in it. My co-workers think I’m nuts and my sides still hurt. It is just too good!

Huh, Jester, really great animation! I like it very much.
Wasn’t it hard work? Amazing!


That must have been some major time put into that thing. It was great!


That’s brilliant!
I had to watch it twice cos I didn’t realise there was sound the first time around.
I have to grudgingly admit that it’s slightly better than mine, but it was my first ever attempt.

Link to unicycle halfpipe animation by theamazingmolio added to:


I’m glad you liked it!

I just got home from being in Oregon all weekend, so I haven’t seen this topic since I made it. I’ll try to answer all your Q’s.

-I used Macromedia Flash MX

-I didn’t use any 3th party tools, everything was just drawn. However, the unicycling in the TV and the rider unicycling along were rotoscoped (a timely process of looking at video frame by frame and using it as a guide for the subject’s movement)

-Yes, the freestyle was U2. The street was U2. The Muni was me. The trials is from a clip I had lying around on my computer. (I’m pretty sure it came from TheDans gallery)

-Flash is not cheap. However, for students there is a really awesome educational version. It’s basically the same, and $100. There is a free 30 day trial of the full program at www.macromedia.com

-The music was not original. I helped jury a youth film festival last year, and kept a boxful of the entries after we were done with them. One of them The Empty Suitcase was a silent film with music attached to each character. Each time the character was shown, their music would play. Somehow I remembered about this movie’s music when I made this animation. I hooked up my VCR to my computer and recorded the audio. Then I used an audio editor to cut out each character’s music. Then I had to mix them together for parts like the unicycle and SAT fighting on the shoulders. Then I had to match the seconds in the flash scene with the mixed music, while trying to sync the music with the animation. I couldn’t just make one big soundtrack because the scene’s music had to be on “stream” so it would be in sync. CONCLUSION: This was a lot of work. Leo you are right when you said “this would be hell to do.” You might be wondering, “So Jess, you just stole that music?” I borrowed it. Really though, I’m not selling the animation, so I’m 99.9% sure that that is legal. I meant to add credits at the end, giving credit to the movie. I will do that soon, I haven’t had a chance.

-Yes, there was hours and hours and hours of animating. But it was fun to do because as you can tell, I was expressing myself. It’s not like I was doing some randomn animation. I would have done this animation last fall or early spring, but I didn’t have time because of the things chasing me in the animation. Finally, since I finished my AP and hard classes May 7, I had a chance to make something.

Thanks for the compliments, it makes me feel good that you guys enjoyed what I created.




Re: Unicycle Animation

On Fri, 21 May 2004 17:10:50 -0500, “Jester2000” wrote:

>I just finished a unicycling animation that I have been working on for a
>few weeks. I thought I’d share it with everyone, so here’s a link:

I haven’t seen it. Every time I try it looks as if it starts
downloading but never finishes. :frowning:

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It’s pretty big, maybe you just need to wait longer

I waited for half an hour originally (on broadband). Now I’ve waited for three hours. Maybe it has to do with the firewalled environment?

The IE progress bar goes up to about 40% and then stays there forever. I think those first 40% are fake. In good old Netscape it used to mean that so many % had been downloaded but this IE thing is just falsely trying to reassure you that it works for you. Occasionally I have noticed that while the connection has been broken, the thing still marches on. Annoying.