Unicycle Across Minnesota - Photographer Wanted

I am looking for a photographer for Unicycle Across Minnesota, August 14-22. The
photgrapher sole job would be to take pictures of the Ride.

Expenses for the ride will be covered including transportation to and from

This is a great chance to take pictures and hang out for nine days with 35
accomplished unicyclists. Unicycle Across Minnesota is a one time event and I
want to make sure it gets captured on film.

You would not have to worry about film or developing costs. You can even use my
camera (Nikon 6006) and lenses if want.

It will be a fun trip. If you are interested, check out the following
photography document: http://www.skypoint.com/~cotter/riders/photo.htm and the
Unicycle Across Minnesota website: http://www.skypoint.com/~cotter/

Let me know if your interested.


cotter@skypoint.com Twin City Unicycle Club - President Andy Cotter Unicycling
Society of America - Vice President USA home page http://www.unicycling.org/usa/
Unicycle Across Minnesota http://www.skypoint.com/~cotter/