unicycle.2ya site?

Hey everyone, does anybody know when or if unicycle.2ya.com is going to be working anytime soon?

I’m amazed at how much interest there has been in the site. :slight_smile: I spoke to Peter (site builder/mechanic) and he says it should be up and running again on the 8th when our transfer/bandwidth limits are reset…hopefully.


Andrew the only thing I’m worried about is that your bandwith limit was exceeded at the beginning of this previous month, your site has become quite popular and I dont think it will last all that long this month either. We need to find you a new host!

Thank you

Yeah on our freehost (www.freewebs.com) account it says our bandwidth gets reset on the 8th, the strange thing this month has been it says we’ve only used 100 of 500 available mb…so I dunno why it froze, but yeah we’ll see what happens on the 8th, if it all gets restored cool, lets see if its lasts or not, if not then yeah have to get a new place to keep the site.

i’ll talk to my cousin… he may be able to help you with that…
he has, like, his own servers and crap…

Move it to your unicyclist.com webspace and you’ll never encounter that problem. :slight_smile: