unicycle.2ya.com, VANISHED???

Simple really, Does anyone know what has happened to this site cause everytime I try to get onto it, it says it is froozen. Does anyone know when or if it will be up again?


The site has used up its bandwidth for the month, so when ever the month resets, that’s when the site will be back up.

It’s quite cool (in a way), to think that it gets so much use that it’s gone over its bandwidth cap

Word on the street is that it will be back up on the 8th (said by Muniman “subaraft” Pete)

Read this post this was the info I got a week ago when I asked about this

Wow, another thread about our site! :slight_smile: Yeah it was meant to reset on the 8th. Here in Australia/New Zealand it’s the 9th…it seems we have a problem. One very tempting option is to relocate it to our unicyclist.com webspace. Thanks for making it available Gilby.


Yeah looks like im going to have to do that…I’ve added the home page to the webspace :stuck_out_tongue: now just the other many pages. Unfortunately I leave tomorrow and am away for two weeks, so I won’t have the chance to do it any time soon. Im really sorry about the inconvinience, it’s pretty annoying. But yeah the site will be up and running again eventually…

Just thought I would BUMP this for a progress report?

yea it’s beend own for way more then 1 month :thinking:

Unicyclist.com webspace it is…eventually. Ask Peter for a more accurate ETA. :slight_smile: