unicon XV video contest

hey every one,
i was just wondering if there were allready some vids from the unicon videocontest, that are online except than max vid

– bobousse

Let’s just try to list them all here. Here’s 2.

Max Schulze:

Adrien Lichtfouse:

and what about Chris Huriwai’s video?

And is there any footage of the street and flat comp online?

This is footage from the flat and street comp:









And here ist the video of sophia ,anna and isaac


Chris’s video is on youtube but its set as private.It should be public by the end of the day

just incase anyone was wondering wat the results were: 1st Vid Skribnsek (even tho his video was released 6 months ago), 2nd chris, and 3rd was max. im not entirely sure but apparently me n sophia n anna got 4th

i just can’t understand why video comps accept vids that have allready been released…

right, me neither
why is “video comps” in plural btw? i think they don’t accept them usually
also this video shouldn’t came first imho, even if it were brand new

i put it in plural cause it happened also at the last french cup, the first and the third video where online a long long time before the video comp
mine finished last or something like that
this was my video entry http://vimeo.com/4060419
but any way that’s not the point of this thread

video 5min CFM 2009 available

Here is the video of the french unicycle cup, april 2009, which was in the competition :


I have seen the jury`s sheets, and it was quite close between the 5 first videos, hard to choose the best.
Let me know what you think of mine, but you have to know that it is a video of a convention, and I had to show every discipline and the atmosphere/ambiance too, this is not an easy job …

Cfm 2009

Another video from French Uni Cup 2009, which was in the competition :
It`s better on HQ with youtube on my computer …