Finally got to see 10k results. In the unlimited 10k, the first four finishers were each 1 second apart. Very tight race! Special congrats to the two of them who are under 18 y.o.: Scott for winning and Beau for a close third place. Those guys are only going to get faster.

Then, in the “limited” 10k category, notice that the fastest woman’s time is the same as the fastest man’s, 29:22. Excellent job by Natsume Yamamoto of Japan for that feat.

Also, props to Rowan, (to whom I’ve given great heaps of sh!!), for a respectable 33:51 in the limited race. Pretty fast, Mr. Unicycle Teacher.

From the facebook ramblings about the marathon (results not up as of this posting), congrats to Corbin for winning that one.

The 10km was fun- there were 35 corners on each lap of the 3 lap course. We had heaps of spectators watching because it was on the Wellington Waterfront.

It was also terrifying- I almost went in the water a couple of times- we hit the corners so fast. On the first lap people were cutting all these crazy lines on the corners that it was really hard on a Schlumpf- you had to constantly accelerate and decelerate. Scott Wilton went down at the first bridge and took out Sam, Tony and myself, but got up again to jump to the lead group with Corbin and Beau. About 20m back was Jan Logemann and Dave Cox. Then Tony Melton, Sam Wakeling, Signe Jensen and me. Signe was so good on that course- she took the corners faster than the three guys in that group. Then we decided we couldn’t have a girl beating us so hammered hard on the straight to get away from her :stuck_out_tongue:

I managed to pull quite a bit of time on Tony and Sam, and was closing in on Dave and Jan when I took the corner too fast and went down into the bushes. Jan managed to bridge the gap to the lead bunch so it was just Dave by himself.

On the third lap Sam came charging past and I jumped on his wheel as he hauled in Dave Cox, who also jumped in behind my wheel.

So basically heading into the last lap there were two groups- The lead pack of Corbin, Beau, Scott and Jan, and a chasing group of Sam, Dave and myself.

Both ended up with sprint finishes. Scott Wilton on an Unguni/114mm cranks, bicycle seat and bullbars sprinted past all the Guni riders to take out the win!!!

In my group, Sam did a heck of a lot of work to tow us to the line…drafting is a big factor now. My legs felt pretty good after sitting behind Sam, and Dave and I sprinted past him in the final corner.

I suggest that guy be tested for foreign substances. From what he told me, he didn’t do any training for UNICON.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you found hydraulic fluid, coolant, or other such substances. I’m convinced Corbin is part robot.

“What’s he made of? Bricks or something?”
Tony Melton…On the topic of Corbin riding straight into gale force northerlies that blew many of the riders off!

Here’s a copy of text Ken posted out to Facebook, the writeup of the marathon:

Corbin and Martin were so strong in the wind! It was an exciting race…we started off in a big group but no one wanted to take the lead and do any work, then Martin Charier came through and we all drafted off him.

Corbin went down on the speed bump and nearly took out a few riders. Then we hit the hill and I took the lead. Must have had about 20 secs on Martin and probably 30 or more on Corbin. But Corbin was so fast on the downhill- I was not too shabby but he went past me like I was standing still.

Then Martin, Corbin and myself hit the bottom more or less within a few secs on each other. I caught Martin on the downwind section. … See More… See More

On the second lap we were probably within 20secs on each other hitting the climb. I managed to catch Corbin on the top of the climb but he again pulled heaps of time on me on the downhill.

This time we hit the downhilll with Corbin and Martin riding together about 30secs in front.

The wind really came up at this point and I could see them just pulling away and there was nothing I could do about it. I was faffing around shifting gears and then a gust of wind would hit me and I’d have to shift again. It was crazy.

So I just rode my own rhythm and tried to keep a time gap to Jan Logemann in fourth place. I can’t comment any more because I never saw any of the other riders after that.

Corbin and Martin made so much time on the flat windy section that I was riding to hold third. From what they said at the finish line- Martin and Corbin came through on the third lap about 20secs apart, but then the wind really came up and Corbin just powered away from Martin on the fourth lap and won by about 3min.

I got blown off so many times on the fourth lap it was ridiculous, but held off Jan by a few minutes. Dave Cox came in after that, just ahead of Sam Wakeling. Sam had a bad crash on the downhill speed bump and destroyed his brake, so lost quite a bit of time on the downhills.

That’s about it I think. Probably other people can comment from where they saw it.

and Ken’s placement and equipment observations (1st thru 6th place):

-Corbin Dunn- 36" Schlumpf, 150mm cranks
-Martin Charier- 29" Schlumpf, I think 150mm cranks
-Ken Looi- 36" Schlumpf, 145mm cranks
-Jan Logemann- 36" Schlumpf, not sure on crank length… See More
-Dave Cox- 36" Schlumpf- I think 150’mm cranks
-Sam Wakeline- 36" Schlumpf 150mm cranks.

Scott Wilton I think was the first Unguni rider in about 7th or 8th place. 114mm cranks.

Mental note - nobody let Scott Wilton get a Schlumpf… :astonished:
He’d be too fast.

Congratulations to all participants.By the sound of the write ups of the 10km and marathon races it deserved a tour de france style television coverage.


Very interesting write up! Thanks for that.

I think I would have done fairly well at the 10k, it was one of the events at Unicon I was really looking forward to since I had done pretty well at the RTL Criterium. I know I would have had my ass kicked in the Marathon though. Although I have been training at 5,000-8,000ft out here in CO, so maybe my endurance would have improved. Every time I read an update I get bummed I didn’t make it out there.

I didn’t expect an ungeared rider to win the 10k, so congrats to Scott for that victory.

Also - just read the Marathon write up, don’t know how I missed that before posting.

That is pretty amazing that Martin did so well on a 29er schlumpf with 150mm cranks. I would love if someone would confirm that was indeed his set up, and what kind of cranks and tire he was using.

Congrats to Corbin - I know how bad those NZ winds can be and how tough riding into the wind is on a geared 36!

I’ll be on the lookout for photos.

I’m not sure if it was 125mm or 150mm and 29" Schlumpf.

In my practice rides…my 29’er/125mm and 36" Schlumpfs are pretty similar on that course. The 29" flies up and down the hill much faster, but is a bit slower on the flat. I found the 36" in low gear too choppy for the climb.

The wind wasn’t as bad as the Central Otago Rail trail…but in some places on that course it was not far off. I got blown off a few times.

There is a video made by Video Hub…we were watching it last night. I was so far ahead of everyone at the top of the first climb…I’m amazed how Corbin made up that huge gap before I even got to the bottom…he must have been FLYING!!!~! And then he just motored away on the flat into the headwind.

Corrections and filling in facts:

Corbin topped out 44km/hr on the downhill.
I’ve got 137/167 moments on my schlumpf, I did the marathon on 137s.

I think that’s it. The race was pretty intensewith the wind and all, way harder than last year’s marathon for sure. I can’t wait for italy!

Corrections and filling in facts:

Corbin topped out 44km/hr on the downhill.
I’ve got 137/167 moments on my schlumpf, I did the marathon on 137s.

I think that’s it. The race was pretty intensewith the wind and all, way harder than last year’s marathon for sure. I can’t wait for italy!

Marathon results are now up, including lap splits.

Pay particular attention to the female times. They beat some of the best male riders from previous Unicons/RTL.

Also note that the wind speed picked up hugely between Lap 1 and Lap 4. Lap 1 was windy, but most of us got blown off several times on the 4th lap.


i’m still waiting for the downhill resoult, woiuld it be possible to list them (i know that david won, again :slight_smile: )

the downhill results are listed now, thank you!!!

dam this suks. i got 4th in the vid comp and just missed out on getting listed in the results. i got 7th in the street (or so i was told) so i just missed out on the finals and didnt get listed on the results. and i missed out on getting listed in the Overall Open Male Trials by 3 lines. i just wasnt good enuf…

Sounds like you did pretty well overall. :slight_smile:

wow, you did really well actually

oh yea for sure. im very happy with my results. i did far better than i expected (except for long jump. 190cm was just appalling lol, yet that still got me 3rd somehow). its just looking at my results now i think i probably couldve pushed myself just that little bit further and done slightly better. oh well

were can I see al the results…?:stuck_out_tongue: (trial, street,flat?,downhill, highjump,longjump…)

and does somebody know if there will be a good vid (with trial :D) coming up soon…:smiley:

All the results are here:

Question: Are the videos from the competition online anywhere ? Would love to see them.