UNICON XV Newsletter: 4wks and counting!

Dear Unicyclist,

Here’s more updates from us as we countdown to the start of Unicon XV!

Registration cut-offs reminder

The next registration payment cut-off is November 30 at 11:59pm New Zealand Time. The registration price is currently NZ$350, but increases to NZ$500 on December 1. Pay for your registration early to get the lower entry price.

You CANNOT edit your entry after 1 Dec 2009 unless you pay the full NZ$500 registration fee

Please make sure you are registered for the correct events.

Registration for the following events has closed:

· Individual Freestyle, Pairs Freestyle, Group Freestyle, Standard Skill, Street, and Flatland;

· Basketball and Hockey teams;

· Points Racing (100m, 400m, 800m, 50m one-foot, 10m.30m Wheel Walk, Obstacle Course) and Relay Race.


We’re in the midst of adding workshops, day rides and games to the non-competition schedule.

Here’s some workshops you can look forward to at Unicon XV:

· Best Trick Contest
· Unitouring
· Hutchinson One Wheelers Trials Levels
· The Art of Street Performing
· Beersketball


· Muni at Makara Peak
· Disc Golf
· Museum to museum kids ride

We are looking for more volunteers to lead a workshop and share your unicycling or non-unicycling skills.

If you like to organise something but do not know what to do, let us know. We have plenty of ideas but still looking for people to take them up. Like teaching crazy tricks and wheelbuilding, bringing people on muni practice or night ride around the city.

Email us at unicon15@gmail.com and help make workshops a blast for all participants.


The Cross-Country Muni course is and elevation profile is now up on the website:

Downhill and Hillclimb courses are being finalised and will be up on the website shortly.

Hockey and Basketball

Registration for Hockey and Basketball teams is now closed.

There are 18 Basketball teams (Aussie Youth, Australia, Berkeley Revolution9, Berkeley Revolution, Blau Weiss Bavaria, BoDo Germany, Currywurst mit Pommes, CYCL’HOP, Deserteure, NT Cyclones, NZUni Black, OnewheeleRS, RSD United, Swiss Team, Team GB, UCTD, Wild Cats, WOOM) and 22 Hockey Teams (Asian Dragons, Aussie Youth, Australia A, Australia B, Blau Weiss Bavaria, Cycl’Hop, Deserteure, Frederiksberg Unicykel Klub, Fuc-Denmark, Korea, NT Cyclones, NZUni Black, NZUni White, OnewheeleRS, RSD United, Swiss Team, Team GB, Team USA, The Old, the Fat, and the Ugly, UCTD, USA B, Scratch-Radlos).

Video Competition

The competition will be held on 4 Jan (Monday) at 8.30pm at the TSB Arena. Get your best unicycling video together and showcase it to unicyclists from around the world.

Rules for the video competition can be found at Unicon XV website. The deadline for submission of the video clips is 21 Dec Midnight NZT. Please email a low res version to Joe Dyson for approval prior to the deadline. email: joe.dyson@gmail.com

Judges for Freestyle Events at UNICON XV

(Individual, Pairs, Group, Street, Flatland)

All countries with competitors in freestyle events at UNICON XV will be receiving an email in the next few days with the policies for submitting judges. Failure to follow the highlighted rules could result in the removal of competitors from these events. Please note that ALL JUDGES must also attend a judging workshop specific to each discipline at UNICON XV led by the Chief Judge, Ryan Woessner. Each judge will be required to sign a statement indicating they have read the rules, attended the workshop, agree to follow the rules and will accept being removed from the list of available judges if deemed necessary by the Chief Judge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Chief Judge, Ryan Woessner, via email: ryan.woessner@gmail.com

See you at Unicon in a month!

Organising Committee