UNICON XI 2 August photos

Last day of UNICON. I got some really good trials photos. In some cases it is just as interesting to see who is watching as it is to see who is performing. Peter Bier broke a crank which I photographed while it was still hot. I missed a gorgeous photo of Max Dingeman inverted in a tractor tire with only his legs sticking out.

I have some shots of a few of us riding the downhill route unofficially. It’s the one I wrote up recently and enjoy doing. I think Dan Heaton won the official race. Nine frames are devoted to photographing the riders as they pour over the first rise. These nine frames show 1/3 to 1/2 of all of the riders in the mass start.

Finally, photos of the awards banquet and ceremonies at the end. Obviously in a hideous surrounding from the looks of the outlying scenery.

I do so wish all of you could have been there.


Great pictures!

Anyone know what that super fat tire is in picture #30?


It’s a motorcycle tire…mounted on a BMX rim. It was something like 4" wide.

Thanks for the pictures Harper!!!

Re: UNICON XI 2 August photos

/me is mucho jealous. I just have to make do with watching Universe, again…

The people I’m living with probably can’t wait until the end of this month, they can finally escape me watching it on a regular basis!

Phil, just me

Wow, you guys had a much nicer day at the pass than I did. I went on sunday (because I couldn’t stay til friday). It was very wet and muddy and cold

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