UNICON Top Ten Quiz:

Here’s a quiz for people who were at UNICON IX in Bottrop, Germany, or those who
wish they were; the top ten questions:

  1. How many different unicycling T-shirts were traded?
  2. What do “UNICON legs” look like?
  3. How many unicycles can you hang on a fence?
  4. What does “Tatonga” mean?
  5. Did the track really catch on fire behind the Chinese racers?
  6. What does “to please you” mean?
  7. What’s the spin RPM for riders from the Toyoda Club of Japan?
  8. What happens when you move the red plastic thingies?
  9. How many unicyclists does it take to surround an entire park?
  10. When Julien Monney trades away his shirts, what does he trade for?

Answers to these (and other) questions will be posted around the Asian Games
Village in Beijing at UNICON X in 2000!

John Foss answers not found at: http://www.calweb.com/~unifoss/