UNICON Day One Highlights Video

Hi everyone,

I wanted to shoot a big UNICON highlights video but between directors duties, volunteering and competing, I didn’t get time to shoot anything other than on day 1. I didn’t want to waste the footage I shot, so I threw it together into a short day 1 highlights video.



That looked really great! Did you shoot those opening shots too?

No, I didn’t shoot the drone shots. I wanted a couple of shots to set the scene, so I used some footage from a promotional video of Grenoble on Youtube.

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Oh good, I was wondering how in the world you found time to go get those shots amongst your other responsibilities. That’s a lot to balance! Any plans to make more unicycle videos?

I always have unicycle videos on my mind. I have a Google Doc full of unicycle videos I want to shoot but I never have enough time.


so that’s like the opposite of a “movies-to-watch list” :wink: Thanks for making and sharing this one.


Haha, I have one of those too and it’s even longer!