UNICON Coordinator Off-Line Permanently

Farewell to all of you who came to UNICON VIII and all those who I have got to
know through this excellent mailing list and newsgroup.

I am leaving London this week to go travelling - I may be away for quite a while
and if I come back it won’t be to the same address. Please don’t send any mail
or phone or fax to the old UNICON address.

My new mailing address is:

Peter Philip
c/o 37 Woodlands Road Witney Oxon OX8 6DR United Kingdom

This is my mother’s address and she will forward mail to me from time to time,
wherever I may be.

In particular it would be nice if anyone could send any pictures/video of UNICON
VIII - none of the organizers had time to take any pictures, so we don’t have a
single one between us.

Lee has (bravely) volunteered to deal with sending out any remaining medals:

Jonathan Marshall is also still on-line if you need to contact him. He is
currently holding a rather impressive camera lens which someone left behind.

My email account here at Friends of the Earth is going to be left open for some
months, but I really don’t know when (or how) I will be able to read anything
that gets sent to it. Try it if you want…

So long


Peter Philip - Former UNICON Coordinator - OFF-LINE PERMANENTLY