UNICON antoher video....

Hi all!
These are my memories from Unicon 16!

Very nice! Thanks for putting it together.

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4:11, was that Jess Riegel? Didn’t know he still rides :).
Very nice video! Nice to see some familiar faces too :sunglasses: .

Nice video; I think that was the first video of unicon where I’ve seen actual footage of the muni/cross country! Thank god for helmet cams :smiley:

Thank you guys for watching!


Yes man! He wasn’t there for riding, but for filming… I don’t know if he still rides.
And… if you watch the movie (not the pictures) carefully, you will see him other TWO times…

GoPro (I have the old version) rulez!

now i can’t wait for unicon17

Jess Riegel was at unicon. actually he was there for making the official unicon movie :slight_smile: I don’t know if he competed in anything though