Unicon 21: The World Unicycling Championships & Convention will be in Bemidji, MN from July 14th-26th and as part of the opening ceremonies, I’ll be attempting to ride a 50 foot unicycle!!!

If you have never been to one, I highly recommend that all unicyclists should seriously consider going. Chances are you’ll get hooked and will go to the next one as well cause it’s going to be awesome!

I’ve been to 14 Unicons (yes I’m old :sweat_smile:) and honestly think this will be the most fun one yet. I’m helping organize some of the workshops and we are trying to make it not only a championship but also a convention to learn and have fun with other cool unicyclist.

Here are just some of the workshops being planned
-Unicycle Games
-Unicycle Movie Night
-Start of the Mississippi Field Trip
-Social Muni Rides
-Jump In The Lake
-Flaming Puck Hockey
-Tubing The Mississippi
-Social Distance/Road Rides
-Beginner Street
-Daily Skills Workshops (pirouette, wheel walk, crankflip, etc.)

There will even be a Unicycle Museum with lots of vintage unicycles from John Foss’s collection, weird and unique unicycles from Paul Hartman and Tommi Miller of The Unicycle Factory!, every official Unicon t-shirt from Constance Cotter, all the Darren Bedford Pro Rider t-shirts from my personal collection and a ton of other cool unicycle related stuff!

I suggest paying a little bit more to register as a competitor instead of non-competitor. Even if you aren’t that good, the competitions are fun and you’ll meet so many cool people. Sign up for anything and everything you think you can do and just give it a go…trials, muni, track races (if you have the right unicycle), basketball, hockey, road races, street, flatland, freestyle, etc.

I promise you that you will enjoy it even if you come in last place. You will regret it when you get there and see all the riders having fun and wish you had entered as a competitor.

They have beginner, intermediate and expert classes for most events as well as age groups… and there might only be a couple people in your age group!

Bemidji is a unique location. It’s up north where lots of families have cabins on lakes. It is so beautiful. If people are looking for things to do/see in MN before/after you are more than welcome to ask me for recommendations.

And as a bonus, you get to hear all the people talking like Fargo…oh yaah, dontcha know?! U betcha! Darn tootin’! :laughing:

Google Unicon 21 for more info including the full schedule, workshops and how to register. Hope to see you there and PLEASE share this with all your unicycling friends. :pray:


FYI the deadline has been updated to July 1st so people have more time to create videos. 😉

The Movie Night Directors, Wout and Jelle, are eagerly looking forward to unicycle enthusiasts sending in their videos to be premiered at Unicon’s movie night! This is a chance for unpublished videos to be displayed on a big screen to both Unicon participants and the general public.

Please see the rules below for submission:

-You must have a Unicon 21 competitor or non-competitor pass

-The video should not be longer than 3 minutes (If you need an exception to this rule, contact Wout and Jelle)

-The video needs to be in a landscape format

-The video should not be published before the event

-The video will need to be downloaded beforehand via cloud links (like WeTransfer or Google drive)

-If you wish, you can publish it as a premiere on YouTube the same evening as the event

-Please include English subtitles if your video is not in English

Deadline: July 1, 2024

To submit your video, email your cloud link to Wout and Jelle at unlimitedunicyclecrew@gmail.com with the title of your video, a short summary of the rider(s) and/or team in the video and – if applicable - some background information about the video. Include as topic: ‘Unicon Movie Night – Name’ with as name the name of the video or rider/team.