Unicon 2008 female street podium

Hi, I need your help!
I work on the French wikipedia concerning the street unicycle.
I try to list all the street and slopestyle podiums at Unicons. But I can’t find the women’s street podiums for 2008…I just know that in 2008 Marine Mirault won…I looked in the Unicons archives but I couldn’t find…
An idea?

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Try here: Unicon « International Unicycling Federation

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Thank you, but I’ve already looked here and I haven’t found anything, there are no results for women’s street… :frowning:

Sorry, that was my best shot.
BR Sanne

As seen on FB, the answer was on the french uni forum:

And Eddie worked out that it was Hannah Kreisz the winner that year.


I found through the Wayback Machine all the expert results from Unicon in 2008, in what was then called Artistic Street:
Extract just for the females, as per your question:

Artistic Street Freestyle Results
Category: Expert, Female

Place ID Surname First name
1 632 Mirault Marine
2 209 Kreisz Hannah
3 051 Lelant Hélène
4 114 Hansen Amalie
5 539 De Coninck Delphine

Any idea why this link doesn’t work?

You would need the archived version



That’s right, I gave the link where WayBackMachine found it originally, should have given the full link, sorry

Oh! Good job! <3