UNICON 19: Seoul, South Korea 2018


We would like to warmly invite all unicyclists to attend UNICON 19 in Seoul, South Korea, in 2018.

Ever since the first UNICON was held in New York in 1984, UNICON has been a festival for unicyclists, bringing together riders in every discipline from around the world. It is the world convention, as well as the world championship event for the International Unicycling Federation.

Next year, UNICON returns to the Asia-Pacific region, to South Korea’s capital, Seoul. We are excited and looking forward to hosting you in our beautiful city.

We would like to introduce the UNICON 19 organising team:
Main Director: Jason Ahn
Financial Manager: Kysook Kim
Facilities (venue and accommodation) Manager: Kyungsoo Kim
Competition Manager: Jaein Kim

They will be supported by the IUF UNICON directors:
Ken Looi (NZ)
Jenni Rinker (USA)

The website for UNICON 19 will open on the 1st March 2017: www.unicon19.kr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unicon19/
Correspondence should be sent to: unicon19.info@gmail.com

Thank you,

UNICON 19 Organising Committee


Looks like I have a spare bed for anyone that needs a place to sleep. I reserved a twin room at New-RaSung Dormitory for Janna and myself, but she can no longer make it. Price is $286 for all 13 days of Unicon. You’ll have the privilege of sharing a room just with me and not 29 other people. Please let me know asap if interested (or if you have a spare bed in an airbnd/house let me know and I might be able to cancel my room and join you). Where is everyone else staying?

Who hasn’t registered for Unicon yet and wants to save $80?! Janna Wohlfarth registered but can’t come anymore so we could transfer her early bird registration ($220) to you so you don’t have to pay the current late registration of $300. Let us know ASAP if interested. Thanks! Feel free to share this with anyone else who may be interested.

Actually, I have a question about the whole event. As I’ve never gone to a Unicon before, and I mostly picked up my unicycle to do commuting, would it make sense for me to apply for a competitor spot?

  1. I’d be bringing my 29" KH with brake, but it’s got the fat tire; would that be an accepted unicycle, and which categories?
  2. I haven’t technically trained for any of the events; is there some kind of process or qualifier I would need to go first, or is it just ‘show up and participate’?
  3. I saw the list of events; what are the most popular ones for spectators? How many people are there usually for each event?

Yes!!! Not everyone is super competitive. It’s like running a marathon- the vast majority of people are there to have fun, beat personal bests, see how they rate against their friends/age group, rather than necessarily get on the podium.

Unicon is ‘’-CON" for convention. It is also a chance to meet unicyclists from around the world, attend non-competition rides and workshops and social events.

It depends on what you are entered in. If it is the longer road racing events (100km and Marathon), then a 29" is considered ‘Standard Class’. In the 10km race, it is ‘Unlimited Class’.

You are free to participate in most events. Some events have qualifying but or national selection if there are large numbers of competitors.

Depends what you like watching. Artistic freestyle tends to draw the biggest number of spectators, although street/flatland and the team events (hockey/basketball) also draw big numbers. Racing events are good to watch, but it’s hard to follow the race as we do not have the resources for race cameras/motorbikes to follow the riders. The 10km is a multi-lap race, and is one of the largest events at Unicon, so will be good viewing.

i want it!!!

Ticket still available?


Are you still selling your ticket to union19? Just booked last minute flights and only there for two days to compete for one event.

Look forward to hearing from you



Ticket wanted - unicon19

Is anyone selling a unicon19 ticket?
Booked last minute flights and only entering one event and there for 2 days.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks heaps


Next year’s UNICON

I heard a leak about the next UNICON. 2020 they are looking at Orcas Island in Washington State, USA.