Unicon 16 Media

I couldn’t find anything like this besides some Facebook pages so here’s a Uniucon 16 media thread for all the pics and videos taken at Unicon 16.
Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures yet but I’ll put them up once I have a nice selection.
Looking forward to your links!

For a start here’s a link to the Unicon16 Facebook page which has many pictures already:

Some photos from my mobile to have it up to date: https://picasaweb.google.com/116435411343481773219/Unicon?authuser=0&feat=directlink
Much more coming when I’m back home.

Here’s what I have until now:


Sorry, I just moved them here:

Here’s Sam’s shot of male winner Jakub Rulf flying by on the expert downhill course:

Great pic and congratulations to Jakub!!

Is that a QX 24x3?

I think so, sure looks like it. Amazing how he beat all the geared riders with that setup.
Ziga Sternad came very close with his 24x3 Schlumpf, though. He finished on 2nd place.
I also used my trusty KH24 with Gazzaloddi. No gears.

Is the 24 inch wheel size a requirement of the DH competition? Funny how several people in these forums are advocating bigger wheel sizes for Muni, yet the world championship DH riders are all on 24s.

There were many 26ers too and some 20", so, no, it wasn’t a requirement. But the expert course was very steep with only few untechnical sections so to me the Gazzaloddi 24x3 seemed very appropriate. People said it was harder than any previous unicon DH. I was glad to have brakes. :slight_smile:

The unicon 16 Facebook pictures are actually on smugmug. Link:

Well, now there is official proof that 24x3 munis are not “too slow” (under the right circumstances of course) :wink:

I’ve uploaded more photos into album: https://picasaweb.google.com/116435411343481773219/Unicon

That last one is perfect. Did he land it?

Now I have 6000 photos to look at. I’ll have to call in sick to tomorrow.

During the gala night, there were some “professionally looking” cameras that were taking a video of the whole night. I’m sure there were something in place as well during the actual freestyle events. My question is then, where can we find the video footage of these events? Can someone put them up on youtube or something?


This was a true DH course, so as in biking, DH is often done on bikes that you wouldn’t want to ride uphill or for any significant distance. A smaller wheel is lower to the ground, lighter, and thus easier to manage on a highly technical course, not unlike the advantage of using a 20" vs a 24" for trials.

For comparison, the stuff we rode at Douthat was all cross country, on beginner-intermediate mountain bike trails, hence rideable on bigger wheels.

Also, it sounds like the guni folks who traveled long distance by air only brought one uni, which they used for multiple events (XC, muni, DH). I believe the second place DH rider (Mark) was on a 26guni, running 137’s and a 2.4 Ardent.

I thought Žiga was 2nd on his 24x3 guni. But Mark at his 26 guni still was in the top and it’s true, he used same uni for all Muni events (XC, DH, UH).

The normal course on the other hand was much faster and guni or bigger wheel was much more suited to it.

Yes, Ziga was 2nd.

male expert 19-29:

1-Jakub Rulf
2-Ziga Sternad
3-Adrien Caire
4-David Weichenberger
5-Mark Lavis
6-Beau Hoover
7-Martin Reichstam
8-Jeremy Caire
9-Rocco Schulz
10-Lutz Eichholz

male expert 30+:

1-Corbin Dunn
2-Tony Melton
3-? (Australia)
4-Me (Christian Armin)
5-Jogi (Joachim) Pfender

I can hardly read these off of my iPod touch’s crappy photo, so please stay tuned for the official lists with all the missing names and times.