Unicon 16 Media

I tried myself the expert track the morning right before the race… that was crazy!!! I don’t have a brake on my qx 24 muni and I couldn’t ride most of sections because they were too steep… even by foot!!! In addition I encountered a black adder snake :astonished: on my descent.
Absolutely the most dangerous ride I’ve ever had:D.!
Nice to see a 24x3 rider won the race, my next muni will definitely be a disc brake 24… ;);):wink:

Both the uphill and expert downhill were suited for a super light fixed 24". The XC more for schlumpf 26 unless you are a crazy fast spinner like Martin.

Congrats on the 3rd place, Jamey! But Tony was on 2nd, right?

So it should be:

1-Corbin Dunn
2-Tony Melton
3-Jamey Mossengren
4-Christian Armin
5-Jogi Pfender

Thanks very much for the list, munirocks! I’m wondering why it’s taking so long for the official results to be published…

Oops. Deleted Tony by accident although he did only beat me by one tiny second.

Official Results are up now. Only thing missing is the 100k. Does anybody know anything about it?

100k XC (which it was!)

  1. Christoph Hartmann (in crazy 3:39)
  2. Scott Wilton
  3. Corbin Dunn

Pic at the main unicon site :slight_smile:

that is to cool!

Apparently there are more results missing such as street, long and high jump and standard skills. Hopefully coming soon. On the pictures front the unicon16 smugmug page has added many more pictures of day 10 including the marathon.

After every large event like this I ask the directors why results aren’t posted within a day or two. The paper version has been circulated, the medals have been awarded…yet nothing online. Although I’m not as familiar with Unicon procedures this has been the tradition for NAUCC over the years.

This year I actually received a response (Thanks, Robin!). Turns out it’s more work than most of us anticipate, plus they often double check everything. I still don’t fully understand the delay but at least I know somebody is working on it.

Results are here… http://unicon16.it/202d708.html

Results have been coming online withing the next 2 days after the even so it’s pretty darn fast… especially next to NAUCC. Also a lot of picture were uploaded to the UNICON 16 facebook page, results as well and such.

This was posted in another thread today. There are some great moments in it that I would have missed out on. The music is not my kind but I like the rest of the video:

I uploaded the remaining pics from my camera to http://photobucket.com/unicon16

I also have lots of great professional quality pics from the DH race but I didn’t shoot them myself, so I’m hoping the photographer will share them himself.

Nic posted another video in another thread:

Does anyone know where the photos are that were playing as a slide show during the final party? There was an awesome muni one of me but I don’t see it on the Unicon Facebook page…

I think the Facebook pics are all from unicon16s smugmug page, which seems to have more pictures. Maybe you can find it there?

In case anybody missed it, here’s a link to another thread with video of the flatland finals and semi-finals:

I heard from one of the videographers that this footage will be processed into “official” recordings. He wasn’t sure if it was going to be a physical DVD or a download, nor if it would be free or paid. Don’t expect it on YouTube anyway.

It all depends on this course. This year a 24 was perfect. Next Unicon who knows but I doubt it will be as technical so a bigger wheel might win. As for xc, a 26S won and I don’t see 24S winning that anytime soon unless it’s a super technical and short course.