Unicon 16: After movie

This is one (of my two?) video by my of Unicon 16 in Brixen made with a canon eos 550d/GoPro… Unfortunately not all disciplines are in the video, i couldn´t film all…:frowning:
And i know, Flat is overused…But i like Flat the most, so…
I hope you like the video and share it with friends or other unicyclists to show the whole world how cool unicycling can be…

Thank you all for a great unicon!!

Thanks very much for the great vid, so many amazing things I missed to see in real life :confused:

Many thanks for sharing this.




But I feel I also had many great experiences not covered in the video, mainly the muni stuff.

I know…:wink: (–> descripton)
But i already have a downhill video on the unicon 16 track and i took place in the downhill competiton so i couldn`t film…also the 100km/10km races i made so…no time…:wink:

It would be hard to get a bit of everything into a short video like that anyways.
Maybe there will be some DH footage on the unicon DVD.

Here the official unicon 16 video whit nearly all disciplines… http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=928M7P2ahbc

The problem in my movie was the flat/street were the most interesting competitons(i’m 16…) so i overused them a little bit…And downhill i couldn’t film…:frowning:

Thanks for posting the other one too! Not much of the actual racing but nice anyways.

Amazing video!! Such nice quality and the editing was great :slight_smile: I’m so jealous of everybody who got to go

me too, but i get to go to the next one in montreal

Me too! I was so stoked to hear it was there seeing as it’s only a 6 hour drive from me. See you there :smiley: