Unicon 11 good things

Unicon 11 good things.

1-Meeting so many people I knew as e-mail address before, now I have
faces to go with names.
2-Lunis Uk getting through to the Quarter Finals in the Unicycle
Hockey. The only two teams to beat us were both in the final.
3-All those Muni rides, Thanks John. Rat Pack was fantastic, I’ve never
done so much single track in one sustained hit.
4- The Muni down hill race, that was fun course.
5- Sahalie lodge, the international centre of unicon accomadation. 7
Nationalities, living together for 10 days. Good company in the Bar, the
Dining room, the kitchen, the dorms etc.
6-The Scenery- Snoqualmie valley is a very beautiful place, the mountains
are just like real mountains should be, all rugged and pointy.
7- Seattle Sea Fair prade. My first big parade, it was such good fun. My
face ached from smiling by the end of it.
8-UK getting their first Points EVER in international Unicycle Basket
ball. OK, we had co-opted a young USA player and he took both shots, but
our boys set it all up for him.
9- The first Unicycle Quidditch game at Unicon. Deeply sily, but great
10- Flaming puck Hockey. The Toronto unicyclist have started something
here, I can see this fearsome game gaining popularity. Its nearly as
dangerous as it looks.
11-The Water gun game, Carol Mc has come up with a great game, every one
has a paint with water picture pined to their shirt back and is
armed with a water gun. The aim of the game is to paint other peoples
pictures while protecting your own.

Sarah Miller
I just got home from Unicon yesterday, we took the scenic route home.

Still to come: Unicon 11 bad things
and: Unicon 11 things

Unicon 11 ~ Washington USA.~ July 25 - Aug 2 2002
The world unicycle convention and championships.