Uniclub website

I just started on my brand new Uniclub website his morning i hope you all enjoy it. Any constructive critisism would be appreciated.


Why not host it at unicyclist.com? You’d avoid the obnoxious geocities expando ad and the popup ads.
It also seems more appropriate to host a unicycling club web site on unicyclist.com.

I would put it on unicyclist if it would work for me I tried figuring out how to make a site but I wasnt able to make one so I just went with this. If you can make one hep me and ill make it on there.

Yay! My picture! :slight_smile:

I also put a credit to you spyder just so you feel a part.

Post this question in the Just Conversation forum. It’s a little off topic for RSU. I have uploaded a web page to unicyclist.com and could help you, or someone else might know more than I.

Re: Uniclub website

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 14:34:40 -0600, Catboy
<Catboy.gfx1a@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Any constructive critisism would be appretiated.

I am on dial-up and noted that SpyderV1o’s picture was quite slowly
loading. No wonder: it is a 1280 * 960 size jpg but resized in the
html to height=282 width=376. It would be better to resample and save
the picture to the smaller size.

Are you going to add pictures of you guys riding? In the new T-shirts
of course!

Klaas Bil

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