i don’t know how many of you know my good friend jeff baker ( unibiker) but he is no longer with us. he died 12-30-2004 i just found out myself last nite.
the only reason i’m posting here is because he seemed to think alot of this website.
i dont know much but your welcome email me if your were his friend too.

thanks, jeff myers.

my email is jmyersktm@msn.com

Rest in peace.

God bless his soul.

Very sad news.

Based on his last thread he had already found Unibiker Heaven.

Let’s take the advice of his sig line:

I’m sad to hear this news.

I’m curious as to how and why, … PM me …?

Best wishes to you Jmyers

that’s one less of us…


is it possible to find out if this was illness or injury related?

I remember him. I talked to him.


deepest simpathy


not such a happy new year anymore…i’ll miss that guys approch to one wheeling.

awwman.:frowning: im sorry to hear about it.

I know what you mean.I always talk about this website to my freinds and they must get sick of hearing it. :roll_eyes:

What is that thing anyway?

Too bad. He seemed like a nice guy, and added some interesting variety to the forum with his “unibike.” We’ll miss you, Jeff.

I will post this slightly editted corespondence with Jeff Meyers, who was kind enough to answer my email, in order to address our inquiries concerning the untimely death of Jeff Baker, known to us as Unibiker. Sorry to bring you this sad news but it will clarify things for those who are curious. Then we can let this thread and Jeff go to rest.

My e-mail:


Sorry to bother you. What was the cause of death for Jeff? As UniBiker, he was an innovative guy on our unicycling forum and just seemed to disappear after awhile. His no-hands riding creations and skills were interesting to the forum population and to me in particular. The forum members are curious as to the details if you are comfortable and at liberty revealing them.

Thanks for any further info. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

-Greg Harper

Jeff’s reply:


It’s no bother, Jeff was my good friend I’ve known him since I was 9 years old. Although I am not into unicycles we’ve ridden motorcycles for some 30 years.

Jeff has been having some trouble for awhile, much deeper than any of us knew. The V.A. hospital had been treating him for post traumatic stress and depression then all at once about 2 months ago took him off all his meds. He lived with my parents for about a month and every thing seemed fine.

Well, I guess we were all wrong and Thursday night (December 30, 2004) he killed himself. I have always thought that people who committed suicide were weak and stupid. Anybody that knew Jeff knows that he was a very smart man and he was far from weak. In fact I don’t think in 30 years I ever heard him complain about anything other than the aches and pains caused from having so much fun. This is probably a lot more info than you wanted but I feel the world has lost a great person and he will be missed.

Thanks for your condolences.
Jeff Myers

We truly lost an inovater in our community, he will be missed.

My regards go to his family and close friends in this time of morning.


Dang, I never met him, but that sure looked like a cool contraption he cooked up! Sorry he’s passed on… :frowning: I know this sounds like I’m too nosey, but how and where did he kill himself?

one less of us…when we need more unicyclist.

sorry to hear it may his soul rest in uni heaven

Truely bad to hear that. It hink everyone on the forums should change their avatar to his uni bike thing for a few days and put "RIP Unibiker as their signature and tile. That’s ehat I’m doing.

agreed im doin it

agreed im doin it

yeah, I will, too!

Re: unibiker

It’s really sad that he’s gone. I never knew him as a person but his posts and innovative approach were always memorable.

It takes a lot to appear unique and innovative on a board full of people who ride unicycles.

I’m glad he thought a lot of this site, and hope that the responses here are some help to you in coping with this.

Thanks also for passing on the news.

RIP Unibiker

thanx for sharing that Greg