UniBiker - style rider in the UK?

I saw this pic floating around on Twitter today. Appears to have been taken in the UK, could be Liverpool or Norwich.

Is this you?

Is it someone you know?

Send word.


Nope, not me. :slight_smile:

Kewl, that’s one down.

How many members on this forum?

I’ve had three seperate friends send me that picture, knowing I’m the only unicyclist they know… And no, it’s not me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s me, but I’ve been known to be an adventurous sleep-walker.

If a somnambulist is a sleep walker what is a sleeping unicyclist?

A somunibulist?

Either extremely talented or badly injured.

Btw I’m pretty sure that isn’t Uni Lateral or Alucard either, so cross them off too.

Cool cycle, but that design is a bit alarming: in a high speed UPD the rider might be stabbed in the gut (or gonads) by the handlebars.

Yup, too cool to be me.
What’s the source of the picture? That might at least give us a ‘region’ from which it originated.


I asked the guy who tweeted the pic, but he had no idea where it was taken or where it was from. He just liked the pic and stuck it in a tweet.

I do still think it’s UK tho.
If only because the guy is wearing no protective gear whatsoever, but he is wearing his HI-VIZ Jacket.

Health and Safety would be so proud.

Although the image does appear on the UK site

it looks like it was sourced from
which appears to be an American site. It also has a file name that references Tumblr. Of course the poster could have come from anywhere and there is no further info with the pic :angry:

Some serious research there.

I stand impressed.

Without any concrete evidence tho, I will default to the Hi-Viz Theory.

That, and the weather is crap.

(And he’s riding on the left hand side of the road, so he’s got to civilized.)

I found a nice reddit discussion:

And the discussion there points to Colchester or Birmingham, but no reliable sources (http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1rrxc5/driving_down_the_street_i_see_this_guy_looking/).
And this photo shows up on so many pages with funny photos (tumblr blog is one of them) that it is hard to hunt it’s origin. The oldest one I’ve found is from October and is on russian website: http://joyreactor.cc/post/1064959

That reminds me of playing this game.

Once again, good work Vookash.

I reckon this forum is still our best chance of tracing this rider.