UniBar v3 - updated design, and pictures of UniBar v2 in use.

Howdy all,
Continuing my UniBar (a coin I’m terming for my handlebars) saga. I wanted the ability to torque upwards directly inline with your leg power; this will let you climb steep hills with both hands on the handle. That, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to tackle steep hills (ie: stuff around my house in the hills).

I took it on a quick spin; I like the “power ups” for steep hills, but I would prefer the handle to be slightly lower, and a little more forward. Louise’s (my last handle) is this way, and I like that better.

So, here is UniBar v3, attaching to my Wallis Carbon Fiber (CF) seat base, and a new rattle can paint job for my Nimbus 36.

(FULL Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/corbin.dunn/UnicyclesAndParts/photo#5140592960098700066 )


And…Louise’s handle on her uni:

nice craftsmenship. are we gonna see any new unicycle frame designs from you anytime soon?

Those look so cool!
Are you planning on making them to sell at all?

Maybe at some point :slight_smile:


I wasn’t planning on selling them. I make them out of old, free steel (bikes). Unfortunately, I’m almost out of the handle-bar tubing shapes that I really like (kids bike handle bars), so i might have to actually cough up some money to make too many more. All it takes is my time, which is about 1 day of work that involves cutting, welding, grinding and painting. If I were to get paid for my time, it would be way too expensive, so I’ll probably just make them for local riders in Santa Cruz who need them. (and anyone else who is too short for a T7, and really wants one).


Any idea how much you would sell them for? (just a rough guess)

the V3 would look great on the new Coker ‘octopus’ style frame,
very nice indeed!

On the V3, I like the close handles for climbing, and the farther-out handles for more aerodynamic riding position. Excellent job.

No, I don’t have any idea. I’d probably let people pay me what they felt it was worth, knowing that it takes me nearly a day to produce one. If I had more materials available to me (ie: I actually spent money on materials), then it might be easier to make a small production of them. All I would need is some handle-bar tubes, and a pipe bender. Currently, I’m using prebent curves from existing old bike handlebars.



Love the design, looks awesome and I can see how it’d work really well for putting the power down with the “seat” handles as well as cruising with the “reach” handles. And the curves are really, really nice.

Fantastic job! I wish I had one but I’m all stocked up on T7s for my unis :frowning: :wink: