Uni-Vision: 29er tech.

Haha yeah, we had some good laughs on our last ride. But Dane is the photography expert, and he’s pretty passionate about it, so I have to concede to him about POV. :o

We don’t talk as much as you’d think, because Terry “The Beast” is way up the trail ahead of me :wink:

But at least I would stop and wait for you to catch up, and sometimes double back, haha. And we stopped a few times on tech sections so you could practice and I could take some pics. I used to ride with this one guy when I first started to ride MUni, who would just keep going, and got so far ahead I would get lost! He never waited. But you’ll be passing me soon enough young man, and I’ll be trying to just keep up! :o

hah yeah right, you ride every day 20-35 miles, I can’t keep up with you yah nut, especially since I enjoy chocolate and beer. And yes you doubled and even tripled back for me sometimes. You didn’t wait as much near the end of the ride though :stuck_out_tongue:

It reminded me of my father, whenever I have been on a hike with him and other people, he has a faster gait than all of us, and always gets wayyyy ahead of everyone. Then he waits, and as soon as you get there he takes off again, but we need breaks too!

I did appreciate you waiting for me, you were starting to look so worried by the end of it though (even though I wasn’t too phased), at one point you disappeared for a good 20 minutes and I thought you must have gone for the ambulance HAHA!

20-35 miles day??? Haha, no way Jose! After all, I have to have time for other things besides riding… Like, thinking about riding, dreaming about riding…oh, and maybe tuning a piano or two, haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

But if I do ride that distance it’s usually only on my 36er on the bike path, 2-3 times per week max, a day or two off, then MUni like we did on a weekend day, and maybe one shorter MUni during the week. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, 15-20 miles then

We should ride again, I may be a bit busy these 2 weeks here, but hopefully I can squeeze some stuff in or go for a ride after my classes are over.

When/if you ever want to shuttle Cold Springs, let me know, but try to give me a few days notice. Just be prepared to have the whole day free for that ride. It would be epic! :sunglasses: (And hopefully, I won’t slide 100 feet down an embankment like last time!) :astonished:

Yeah I’d be scared to ride my uni in some sections of it, or that one section of Jesusita was pretty gnarly with the single-track cliff drop off and the sudden dips in the path.

But for sure I’m totally up for it.

Yeah when I heard you falling off your bike, just ahead of me at jesusita, I thought you’d gone over the edge! I was pretty worried there for a minute! Luckily, it wasn’t a sheer drop off at that point. :o

Haha yeah, I’m a pretty decent mtb rider, but I was a little rusty, and I wasn’t paying attention on that turn because it was a non-threatening turn, and I just didn’t compensate for the weight difference of my pack. I can’t imagine falling down one of those sides… AHHHHHHHHhhhhhh…

Yeah you were pretty weighed down with all that high-end camera equipment! Plus, you said your mtb was in need of adjustments and was not performing at its best…like me that day haha! :o

Haha yeah, that was a pretty funny day, but I still had fun, and it was really pretty, especially on the upper sections where all the new growth was from the fire.

My mtb is in need of a tune-up for sure, lost my chain twice and gear numbers were not corresponding to the right gears, I haven’t been riding it much for quite a while.

And now that you’ve experienced MUni, you’ll ride your mtb less and less! :smiley:

It really is quite boring now, and I hate how pedaling a bike feels.