Uni-Vision: 29er tech.

Riding a 29er unicycle on rocky trails is challenging enough, but it’s REALLY tricky to hold the camera and film yourself WHILE YOU RIDE! :smiley: Hope you enjoy.

And here’s a little quickie shot a couple weeks ago at Jesusita trail in Santa Barbara. DaneM did the tracking shots. I wasn’t feeling all that great, and it shows, haha.

Yay cheesy-burrow! So you did the wall, on a 29, with a camera, on a boom arm… haha.

I saw myself a few times in the jesusita one!

I really need to try Jesuista again, as well as the other SB trails. It’s been too long! We should do the Cold Springs shuttle!

Yes absolutely, we could shuttle jesusita too, I’m not sure where the top point is though.

Holding that camera out there for so long while riding must have been really hard:o

I liked the Jesuista vid better.

Cold springs is way more fun, and challenging!

Yeah, the pov viddy was really more experimental, to see how well I could control the camera while riding more technical terrain. And you’re right, it is very tricky since my “balance arm” is holding the tripod fully extended with the camera at the far end, and the other is holding the lift handle.

This makes it especially difficult to ride over the technical stuff since I have to keep the balance arm as still as possible, where usually it’s flailing all over, trying to maintain balance, and negotiate over stuff. I’ve shot lots of pov this way, but mostly on smoother ground. I also like the Jesusita vid better mostly because it just has more variety. The 29er pov video is pretty much just that all the way through, haha. :o

POV would be a helmet cam, or possibly a chest cam

This is a good desrciption: POV footage has existed since the first cameras were mounted in early airplanes and cars, anywhere a film’s creator intended to take viewers inside the action with the psychological purpose of giving viewers a feel of “What he or she is going through”.

You certainly get this effect with the hand-held tripod/camera POV I use, and you see far more than if it was mounted static on top of your helmet. This is why helmet/chest cams are pretty much useless for filming MUni/uni; you see everything but the rider, or if you’re lucky, a very small part of the top of the wheel.

This is a common mistake, POV means Point Of View, as in human or animal point of view. I would call your 29er video a pole cam. You can’t have a POV shot of something that doesn’t have a point of view to start with haha

Yeah I know it means Point Of View, but today it’s a fairly “flexible” term, but it doesn’t have to be from your helmet, chest, or mean you have to have a camera imbedded directly in your eye(s), haha. The quote I posted previously is very accurate and descriptive, and again, the purpose of it is to give the viewer a sense of what it’s like to be there, and it surely does that. :slight_smile:

GoPro footage from surfboarders are similar in that the camera is often attached to the front of the surfboard, angled back at the surfer. This way you see much more, including the surfer, the wave forming and breaking, etc. It’s just another way to do POV.

I understand what you are trying to say here, but it is not a pov cam. It’s a follow cam, a pole cam, or a tracking cam. POV absolutely has to be as close to the true POV as possible.

Sorry and to add for clarity, just because the cam shot gives you that same feeling as a POV shot, it doesn’t mean that a follow-cam is a pov shot as well, unless the POV is supposed to be of the person following.

So say, if you had a chest cam on a person behind you, and they were filming you, that would be a POV shot.

Ah now you edited so I have to re-reply lol.

It may be a loose term among normal people. But in the photographic and film industry, POV has to be close to a real POV. Some would argue that a chest-cam is not even a POV, because no one has eyeballs coming out of their chest.

Well if you want to get really specific, that would actually not be POV, as in point of his “VIEW”. It would be more like “POC”, Point of Chest! :stuck_out_tongue: That leads me to think we could just rename my type of pov to: POT! :sunglasses: (Point of tripod!)

But some “chests” have eyeballs ON them! :stuck_out_tongue:

See my previous post =)

Yes, some would agree. I am fixed to the belief that a POV shot is as close as you can get it to the persons POV, because we can’t achieve the actual POV. Although I do think it is really awkward feeling to watch a video where the persons arms come out of the sides of the screen.

Maybe in the future we will have memory chips in our heads that record our visions, and that is the point where a real POV shot would come in.

But these specifics are irrelevant to your 29er film, cuz that’s not even close to the relative proximity commonly-accepted for “POV” shots :wink:

Haha, even that would pale in comparison to how much MORE the viewer sees with my “POT” method…and you don’t even need a prescription! ( I hear it also works good for glaucoma patients!) :slight_smile: But the ultimate for the smoothest action tracking I’ve found would probably be my UCC. Either that or a low flying aircraft, but my method is a lot cheaper! :smiley:

We need to catch up with each others quoting and editing, it’s getting confusing now haha!

I think POT works, everyone likes pot.

A very valid point to be sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on the banter in this thread you guys must have a hoot riding together. :smiley:

Thanks for letting me in on the fun.