UNI video

This video was made for the 72 hour boxcART film festival here in Ottawa. Rules for the film were given out Thursday at 7pm and a complete film had to be shot and handed in 72 hours later. It’s about 8 minutes long.

I got to play the unicycling Professor.

That was very entertaining. Loved the concept, the story, and the filming was very well done. Editing was amazing. Thanks for sharing !! :slight_smile:

i loved it!

Very nice, really enjoyed that :slight_smile:

The name of the professor was Professor Holmes! We didn’t have a name for him so I suggested Holmes, to play on Sherlock, and a bit of an inside uni reference to Kris Holm.

That video is AWESOME!

I didn’t want it to end after 8 minutes already. I could have watched it for at least an hour :wink:

wow that was amazing!
it made me feel almost christmassy, if anyone gets what i mean…

That was AWESOME! I loved it! :slight_smile:

Really nice work! And good to read something from you again :slight_smile:

That was awesome. The lighting and quality of the shots were amazing! Good job!