Uni Video game

I was just thinking how cool would a unicycling video game be lol corny idea

There was once. Here it is. :smiley: :smiley:


There’s one in the making. It’s called Project uni: project uni

Yeah, we are working on it… sort of. Progress will start back up soon, I’ve been having computer issues.

:astonished: what kind?

Uniracers rocks! I downloaded it to my computer a few minutes ago!


The super nintendo emulator:

The game:


I have the original uniracers for my SNES.

I also have the rom of it to play on my emulators. =p

uni racer won’t play for me :frowning: , anybody have any idea to get it working?

Have you started the emulator and tried to load the game file?

ah well tried and haven’t found it lol, will try later

Jeeze, how many people can’t load an emulator these days?

I can’t find the file haha

edit: no worries I got it work another way :slight_smile:

uhh that game is kinda pointless… i wonder how it ever became commercial?

meh most games were that standard then

So how do you bust tricks? or can you only move in the < or > directions?

wait wait wait wait wait.

if for example this project uni game uses the w,s,a and d keys, i will not be able to play as i am using a dvorak keyboard.

any ideas?

Jump with z, spin with x and flip with c.

hey uni david you thefted my avatar!!! but it is ok, you can continue useing it as you are on the east of australia, and that goes for everybody else who is on the east coastish of oz