Uni Trials

Check out my video …

nice!looks promising

Nice! You’ve got a good practice set up there. The giraffe was a surprise.

nice, looks good
keep practising :wink:

Nice, wish I could 1ft. Try hopping less too, it looks better, and I was watching your tire and you don’t need to do so many hops, hop to keep balance, don’t hop just to hop :slight_smile:

Nice area, padded walls haha :roll_eyes:

what kind of uni is that?

Just trying to push it to 6 posts in a row that start with the word “nice” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, now you made us all notice it.

Nice, keep at it man

Nice next time you should show us some trials on the Giraffe Uni

Nice! keep up the good work! Yeah and hop less.