uni-trials invading Quebec !

That’s funny.

For almost a year I was absolutely alone on my unicycle. Nobody ever
heard of a monty trials uni, not to speak about a mountain unicycle.
Suddenly, by the end of last week, I met another uni-trialist in Montreal
who introduced me to the local bike trials gurues and now there is plenty
of uni frenzy around here : build an indoor trial course in downtown
montreal, give demoes, rides at the local mountain bikes centers,ect…
I’ll try to get more involved this winter in the Montreal area.

Actually I may be doing some trials next week at a big trial/DH show at
Bromont Ski Area (south of Montreal) if anybody is around and wants to
join. There will be 3 uni trialists so far and many bike trials
champions, descent guys, ect…

It seems uni trials are getting more and more spotlight these days.

so cool !


opaugamATaptilonDOTcom !