UNI - The Unicycle Magazine launches Summer 2006

Uni – The Unicycle Magazine is a 68-page quarterly publication produced by and written by unicyclists. Covering events across the globe and all aspects of unicycling, composing an authoritative information source for the international community.

The Summer 2006 issue of Uni will be making its debut at NAUCC and UNICON.

The first issue includes Kris Holm interviewing Dan Heaton, saddles group test, Roger Davies and Kris Holm riding in Taiwan and an Exclusive interview with the father of rough terrain unicycling, George Peck. John Long talks about his experiences in The Elevator Shaft, while Julien Monney discusses UNICONs and Jonathan Marshall (‘Rocket’) discusses balls. An’So Rodet gives an insight to the French Fédération Monocycliste, Brian MacKenzie falls off and a tutorial on fitting a brake to your unicycle.

Autumn 2006 is published in October, and will include Dan Heaton interviewing Kris Holm, a review of the new Schwinn unicycle and an Exclusive interview with Florian Schlumpf. Steve Colligan has ridden down a Volcano in Peru for us and we will also have an in-depth sneak preview of the much-anticipated KH/Schlumpf geared hub!

You can subscribe or buy single copies NOW at www.unicyclemagazine.com, and shortly at www.unicycle.com.

When you subscribe, you will get a FREE 2007 calendar and a FREE unique ‘UNI’ BUFF; which will come with the Autumn issue.

Mike Penton
Uni – The Unicycle Magazine

Sounds very interesting but there is one question.
You offer a single issue for 8 € and a Uni subscription for 6 Mgazines a year for 50 € including a free Calender and a free Buff.
I don’t know how you do math in your country but here in Germany 6x8 is 48 €
And so its 2 additional Euros for the free Calender and the free Buff !?
Normaly a subscription is cheaper than a single issue and not more expensive.
So I stop making my subscription today cause I first want to know why you do this :slight_smile:

that’s a very valid question.
We wanted to keep the prices in round numbers, unfortunately this did not work out for Euros, we would have wound up charging disproportionately more. It is very hard to set prices while minimising the exchange rate loss.
It is easier to charge €8 than €8.3333. maybe we should change the single copy price to €8.50? :wink:

What are the prices I canada dollers?, I couldn’t find it on the site

I agree that 8.33 € isn’t a nice price to handle but I think 48 € is also a possibility and much better than 8.50 € :slight_smile:
At least in Euro it’s more than in Dollar and in GBP it’s best.
I think I will subscribe, also for 50 € but I wonder that shipment to the US is cheaper than to Europe. Actually the difference is:

50 € to 47,17 € (from USD) to 43,32 € (from GBP)
8 € to 7,86 € (from USD) to 7,22 € (from GBP)

so 7,50 € and 45 € would be also nice :slight_smile: if the shipment to the US and to Germany is the same.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I know that it is a lot of work to do a Magazine like that and that Magazines in less Numbers are more expensive to print and produce and I deeply respect your work !

Unless I am mistaken, a subscription in the U.S. is 60.00 for 6 issues. I would like to know what makes the magazine worth that, even with freebies?

I think that 10 USD or 8 € are OK cause it is depending on the number of subscribers how expensive a Magazine is. If there will be much more subscribers than they expect, it should become cheaper soon.
I don’t want to say that the magazine is to expensive with my posts, I only ask why 6 are more expensive than 1 and I still got no real answer to this :slight_smile:

To print a colored magazine in less numbers is very expensive at all and a lot of special magazines must stop their work cause people won’t pay for it as much as they need.

So it seems to be important that many people subscribe to keep it alive but it is also important to make the same prices in every part of the world.

A price always depends on the real cost of a product and not on nice numbers. I still can’t understand why we should pay 1 € more each magazine than the British people !?

Maybe it could be helpfully to declare magazine price and shipment separately.

Postage within a country will always be cheaper than postage to a foreign country. If I migrate, we’ll look at it again :wink: As for the exchange rates, beyond the fluctuations, they differ between banks and remember there are always charges to pay on top :frowning: At the moment xe.com quotes a US:UK rate of 1.84, the best rate I can get is is 1.95.

Red_rider - it is up to you to decide if the magazine is worth it, as the publisher my opinion is biased! The free items have a total retail value of UK£22. Please read the threads in RSU for some opinions and reviews of Uni.

Radical Reed - For Canadian Dollars, or any other currency, go through the payment process and you should be shown the amount in your local currency before the transaction is completed. If not, it will be converted at a rate chosen by your credit card company. Alternatively, you could order it from Bedford Unicycles or any Unicycle.com (this list is growing)


dances mine came in today! hahaa made me happy. i was walking out the dor with my uni and i noticed the door thing on the mail box was pushed open a bit… which means somthing larger than normal mail was in it… and i opened it… and TA DA!!

its pretty sweet! lots of great pictures and interesting articles

How late can I place an order and still get the firs issue… or is it too late already?

It’s not too late, your subscription order will automaticaly include the first issue, until the second issue comes out when you would need to specify you want to start with the first issue…

I subscribed today. So is the first issue on it’s way “now” so i can expect it soon or will it come with issue two?

Sam sitting waiting for the mail

Mine (eagerly awaited) arrived today. I’ve looked through some of it already and it looks great. The interviews are interesting, good to have comprehensive reviews of unicycle hardware, articles about weird stuff, etc.

From the looks of it, next issue will be equally good! Easily worth the money, even without the freebies, in my opinion!

Suggestions for future issues (although I’m sure you already have loads of ideas):

  • ultimate wheel / BC column
  • prominent riders talking about their setup, to give us noobs an idea of what’s important and why. If anyone else also has an interesting setup (some folks have luggage compartments / full handlebars / stereos), that’d be interesting too! Similarly stuff along the lines of “This is how I rode / what I rode across the UK / USA / to the moon” would be cool.
  • articles about weirdo unicycle variants (starting with UW / BC, then moving on to unicycles with handlebars instead of saddles, strange hybrid things, unicycle-like stuff, electric unicycles - even segways I guess!)
  • occasional articles on related sports: trials biking, artistic cycling, etc
  • historical articles / reviews of ancient unicycles / penny farthings - for some perspective!
  • Maybe a ride report page, with an entertaining story now and again (mike fule style - or even just mike fule himself!)
  • writeups of record attempts
  • a little terminology column to explain things like “nipples” in a way that allows people to snicker quietly to themselves in the comfort of their own home!

Please guys keep up the good work, and if you need support from the community do ask - I for one am really keen to make sure this project is successful and has a long and happy (profitable!) life.


Improve your Business.

I have subcribed to your magazine. I was disapointed not to get an automated reply to my email confirming my subscription and when I could expect my first issue. Just a friendly tip. I guess that I will just have to be surprised by it’s arrival!

I subscribed online and had the Mag, like, the same week. Great photos, great articles.