Uni styles

Hello, fellow uni adictics.

I started unicycling last christmas and can ride till the cows come home, and free mount, all I need to know now is what style I should try.

Please can you inform me on all the different types of uni, what tricks you can learn, etc, etc.

Thank you.:smiley:

Hey man, i’d suggest starting with street - stair sets and a few gaps and stuff - by starting off this way you will learn further balance skills which will help you when you decide which way you wanna go (if you drill down to one style).
I wouldnt mind getting into flat but i feel that my street and trial (mainly trials) is essential to get better at first as the balance skills will help me once i start trying some flat stuff.
More or less just ride how you feel comfortable and confident and go from there;)

Street- ummm just lots of ubran tricks
Trials- hopping, drops, crankgrabs…
Flatland- all tricks on the ground, walking around the unicycle, wheelwalk…
Freestyle- a bit liike flatland, more so for performing
Muni- extreme offroad

Best Video Examples-

These are the styles of unicycling and I personally like street the most but do a bit of trials and flatland.

If you really want a challenge, look good and want a style you should go for flatland or street. It really comes down to personal preferance so you can choose.

Its basically what you want to do, Girl! I am jumping stairs and can jump on palets and stuff. Basically just get your balance good and thne try some hopping onto things. Then once you have gutters or palets or whatever try some stairs etc. It will come to you :slight_smile: I really like trials Not very good yet but i am also trying street.

Wheelwalking is freestyle… and flatland is a bit like freestyle not really the other way round :wink:

I’d say flatland is more crankrolls but… and since when does muni have to be extreme?

Hawo friend. This can help you with your decision on what style to choose. BTW this came from wikipedia. :smiley:

Freestyle Unicycle
Generally used for flatland skills and routines. Usually has a relatively high seatpost, a narrow saddle, a squared fork (used for one-footed tricks), and cotter-less cranks, as they do not need to withstand very much pressure. These unicycles are used similarly to flatland bicycles. Some examples of freestyle unicycles include Miyata, Nimbus, Schwinn, and Semcycle brands. Prices typically range from US$100 to $300. Wheel size is usually 20 inches, but smaller riders may use 16-inch unicycles. Some people prefer 24-inch wheels.

Trials unicycle
Designed for unicycle trials, trials unicycles are stronger than standard unicycles in order to withstand the stresses caused by jumping, dropping, and supporting the weight of the unicycle and rider on components such as the pedals and cranks. A recent development in trials unicycles is splined cranks and hubs, a feature that is very useful and somewhat expensive. Many trials unicycles also have wide, 19- or 20-inch knobby tires to absorb some of the impact on drops.

Offroad Unicycles (“MUnis”)
“MUni” is an abbreviation for mountain unicycling. MUnis have many of the same components as trials unicycles, but have a few key differences. Usually, the tire diameters on mountain unicycles are either 24 or 26 inches, allowing the rider to more easily roll over obstacles such as roots and rocks. The seat is also thicker and more comfortable on MUnis to compensate for the rough terrain. Brakes are sometimes used for steep descents.

Touring Unicycles
Used for long distances, these unicycles are specially made to cover distances. They have a large wheel diameter, between 26 and 36 in, so more distance is covered in less pedal rotation. A 36" unicycle made by the Coker Tire company started the big wheel trend.

I got no style

I’m mostly concerned with practical skills.

Idling while waiting for traffic to clear.
Hopping up on to a curb
Riding down stairs
Riding on various surfaces including off road

Skills that get me from one place to another without ever having to carry or walk my uni.

I don’t know what style that is. Skills come from, street, muni, trials, flat. Urban commuter maybe, but I’ll just call it unicycling.

Also this one too also… I apologise if this refers/copies/replicates my previous post.

For basic unicycling, this is the place to be. Not too long ago, all mass-produced unicycles were in this category. Basic, cheap unicycles such as the Torker CX are used.

Freestyle unicycling.
“Freestyle” means to do skills, stunts, or tricks. Not only is freestyle a well-known term in BMX bicycling, it is also the name for a competition event in unicycling.

Trials unicycling.
Trials unicycling is specifically aimed at hopping and riding over obstacles. Because of the constant pounding a trials unicycle endures, it must have a very strong axle and crankset.

Street unicycling.
Street unicycling (or simply “street”, as it’s known within the sport) is a style of unicycling where riders use combinations of objects found in urbanized settings, such as curbs, ledges, handrails, stairs as well as flat areas to perform a wide variety of tricks.

Off-road or mountain unicycling (MUni).
Unicycling on rough terrain has been the swiftest growing form of unicycling in recent years. Any place a mountain bike can go, a mountain unicycle can go as well - and sometimes more easily, due to the unicycle’s greater maneuverability.

Touring or commuting.
This style is meant for distance riding. With a 29-inch or 36-inch wheel cruising speeds of 16 to 24 kph can easily be reached. However, the smallest wheel diameter to fit within the “touring” category is 26 inches

Thanks every one, i am trying to start hopping and dropping off small drops, but I am a bit scared, any addvice?

it shouldnt bethat scary, just hop off the curb or whateva.

Just start off small with a curb and then gradually build up from there…
If you wanna do some higher stuff but are scared try jumping off it without the uni first just to get a feel for the height.
Mind you, i find the best way is to just hop about up the top of it for a bit then all of a sudden just throw myself off it and go for it!

I don’t know if this is a good idea, ask your doctor as if you can do that. How bad is your knee?
Also as for dropping off stuff its just getting up the courage to try it. Make sure the front ball of your foot is not on the pedal as this when landing can hurt ankles – As i have found :stuck_out_tongue: – When you come to woopi next we’ll work something out and ill show you some drops. not that i like jumping off tables I can do it lol.


[EDIT] Sorry if that was hurtful, I just mean watch out because you dont want to hurt yourself and not be able to unicycle. :slight_smile: Sorry.

don’t be sorry, I really don’t mind, at least i have an excuse now

It would be less stress on knees jumping with no uni as you can absorb the shock in a more controlled manner… if your leg is stuffed i’d leave anyu thoughts of drops until its better:)

:smiley: This might help you very much my good Aussie friend. :smiley:

Learn to use search.

There was a thread on this just yesterday.

Thanks every one, I thought that I would try freestyle, since I can now ride backwards and I am starting to ride SIF, although alot of falling off happens… :wink:

oh, I’m still not sure… I wnat to buy an all rounder unicycle so in the future I can choose, any suggestions?

Ok I’ve come to my conclusion. STUFF DIFFERENT TYPES, I’M GONNA DO ANYTHING!!! YAY!

Problem: I don’t know what to learn next, I have a rounded frame, so I can’t learn one footed…