uni stunt video

Incase you haven’t seen this: http://www.guzer.com/videos/unicycle_stunts.php

The last part was nuts! i WOULD NOT have been the “volunteer!” :astonished:

hey look, thats the koxx-one team!

had to check amongst the videos on my pc.
the video is “Brest_2005_light.wmv” off koxx-one.com

that dude at the end was either brave or stupid

yeah he did that body trails thing at the BUC show

he even did the hat thing was fun to watch

I remeber that Dale, he did it to Joe. That was funny, Yoggi missed the hat first time and said to Joe that he ment to miss it first time to show that he could do it.

I want to try… Dale?


mm go on then mike… but u can lie down

give me a doller and a full mask helmet and ill lay down for you

u gonna pay for my flights to arizona and back?

that was insane. so he was aiming for the hat?


Wow that is crazy, he aimed for it! Thanks for the video it was cool!

You’re welcome!:smiley:

If you wanna watch more videos from Yoggi or extreme videos in general my site is a pretty good source (check out my sig), so is unicycle TV…

More koxx-one videos at KOXX-ONE.com and they are the “full length” clips


Videos on my website aren’t clipped since they are directly referenced from their source, there’s a lot more than Koxx1 videos out there…

yeah i know, i just love koxx-one :stuck_out_tongue:
actually i was trying to convey the point that the original post was a link to a clipped version of a koxx-one vid.
anyways off-topic now, but i’d like to say that i like your site except for the interface being a bit confusing

The hat part is great. Could you imagine being the guy on the ground?

I’d rather one of the guys in the crowd. Or, better yet, be the camera guy! He got the best view!