I went to the movies last night and again today and both times I saw this Powerade commercial before the film. It was this extreme do the impossible sort of thing and it had a bunch of clips of things that are not possible. They had video of a giant wave blown up by a hurricane at a beach and it zoomed in to show a guy surfing in it…it showed some Kayakers and a giant killer whale jumped out of the water and landed on a kayaker…it showed a tennis player serving a ball, which imbedded itself into the court surface…really impossible stuff. One of quickest clips showed some hardcore MUni - the rider took like a 5 or 6 foot drop from a wood bridge in the woods. I guess the safe bet is that it was Kris Holm, taken from one of his videos.

The wierd thing is, I almost didn’t even notice it. Maybe its just because of UNICON, but it didn’t look that wierd to me. Then it made me wonder how many of those other things were real.