Uni spotting in Oxfordshire

I saw a couple of riders on new years day in Cholsey, Oxrodshire on new years day. Looked like cokeurs but they disappeared into the distance before I got close. Anybody on here?

I hope you dont mind if i threadjack nick, but does anyone on here ride Coker in Oxford itself? Several people have told me they saw one at the junction of broard street and holywell street late at night during october, wearing a helmet with a light on top. Would love to have someone to ride with.

Little thread jack
What are you doing in your avatar? (bad upd?) :thinking:

That’s a guy on a luge.

It is indeed a street luge, although in this photo I’m cornering gracefully rather than crashing, although my technique is rather poor and I’m braking mid-corner which is a big no-no.

I used to do that on a skate board :wink:

My sister’s recently relocated to Oxford. She’s not taken a unicycle down there with her yet but will have coker down there as soon as I get round to fixing it up.

She’s still quite new to the coker but I’ll let you know when she’s got a wheel down there with her.

Sweet, I’ve only had a coker about a month so I’m not amazing on it either. Do you think she would be interested in playing some hockey aswell? I’m intending to restart the club which fell apart at the start of the summer and I need all the players I can get.

Yeah i used to ride with a load of downhill skaters and G-bikers at the SSSprint british championship events, the luge is a little quicker than a board but I know which I’d rather be on in a crash, I used to regularly pull 40mph in to the bend photoed.