uni spin

Yay, i landed my 1st uni spin!

It was wicked.

I;m working on that now. Can you give some tips. I can normallt get at least one foot on the pedal but the other just misses and I get a nice pedal whack to the shin. Any advice is welcome.


Ps. Congratulations!

SWEETNESS! might fit the plastics and my 661’s and learn sometime one on my freestyle to do list

i think the best tip anyone can give is to remember that if your feet land on the cranks, you will still land it. therefore, dont aim for the pedals, but just throw your feet out, spin the uni, then throw your feet in all the way against the wheel. once you get used to that you can start aiming for the pedals more and getting a smoother landing.

Good tip muniracer, I may have to borrow that for the tutorials site.


I’ve been witness to three first unispins: Jess Riegel, Sara Chastain, and Mike Middleton. I just told them they should “stick it”.

In other news, I was out practicing yesterday, and I was trying to land a 360 unispin, and I realized I had the spin/jump down enough to do a 540 unispin even though I didn’t land it and I got close to doing a 540 suicide mount too… I’ve still only landed a 360 unispin once though. I guess I should “stick it” more.

This is the best advice in my opinion. I just kept in mind that i had to stick my feet back in and i landed one within half an hour.

Oh yeah, wear shin pads as well.

save unneccesary pain.

what, and miss out on all those battle scars!?!

Well I nailed my first ever pedalgrab to rubber yesterday :sunglasses: but I’d really like to get a unispin. I can’t seem to get very close, I need tips on the ideal unispin seat height (I usually have my seat very low) and should I take pedal pins out?

I’ve just taken half my pedal pins out but I’m not too sure if this is a great idea for getting the hang of unispins because the pedals seem to be weighted in such a way now that they always try to point themselves straight at the ground.

I struggle quite a lot with just jumping off the uni and kicking my legs out and getting them back on the pedals (without spinning the uni), reckon I should get better at that first? I’m pretty solid at doin 180 seat out jump mounts though.


Unispin tip

Hey its really weird and I look all awkward when I unispin this way, but:

I have only gotten a 180 unispin like 5 times…but most of those times that I got it I used my own little special method. Here it is:

Hold the seat (whichever way is easier and more comfortable) and start hopping seat out in front, tilting/turning the seat about 20 degrees in the direction that your about to spin it. This way, I only have to spin it 160 degrees. It just gives me the “head start” that I need to begin to unispin the “right” way. I also only practice on grass and with most of my armour on.

Good luck everyone! And, just to let you know, it is the greatest feeling of satisfaction and contentment when you get your first unispin!!!


uni spin

ive been doing unispins for a while, and i found out that when i do it, i compressthe tire a little, but use my hand to make the unicycle not follow me all the way. therefore, the unicycle leaves the ground, but does not stick to me. then after some moving of legs, you can spin it, hop on wheel, or whatever. i have a video of me doing a unispin if anyone wants me to send it to them. its not the right format for replies or something, but instant message me at shadowuni@aol.com or reply to this thread and say that you want it, and ill gladly give it out. -Nick

I stepped myself up to it. I have a background in BMX, and the no-footers really helped me with the ieda of foot placement. when you are on the uni, I assume you would want to land seat out. so, first, just practice jumping and taking your feet off the pedals, and putting them back on. once you get the hang of that, then you should have at least a vauge idea of how to do one. then, do the unispin. jump up, throw your feet out far enough to clear the wheel. typically about 3 feet apart. then, when your feet are at that distance, not sooner, spin the uni. then, catch it when it spins around as far as you wanted it to, and land your feet back on the pedals (or cranks, as muniracer put it). practice that for awhile, and I gurantee you will stick it. it took me about 10 minutes to stick it consistently.

I am once again booting a DEAD THREAD up to the top, because I need help and don’t feel like making a new post.

I figured out that my problem is also that I need to stick it. Every time I successfully do a unispin, landing with both feet on the pedals, I just lose balance and fall. Now my wrist hurts, because I’m stupid and am practicing it over cement.
Do you have any tips on how to “stick it”? Or just to not fall over after you get the feet back on the pedals…

I try to lean over the uni a little more than when just holding the seat out front, bend the knees and elbows slightly before take off. When I jump I try to only lift my legs up and not my whole body and keep my head at the same height throughout the move.
Try and lift your legs up fairly quickly, but more importantly I feel, smoothly. Apply pressure to the seat for the actual spin just before take off so there is a small a delay as possible between the legs being clear and you beginning to spin the unicycle.

Practice spinning the unicycle too without the hop just getting it as fluid as possible and minimizing any unnecessary movements, trying to find the best pivot point and spinning it quickly and efficiently.

I found that spinning the unicycle with the tyre still making contact with the ground would often put my cranks out of place for landing, so I’d just stomp the unicycle down a tiny bit through the pedals and have the tyre bounce itself slightly off the ground so the cranks didn’t move when it span. I still do this on my trials uni sometimes as it gives me a tiny bit more time in the air to spin the heavier unicycle and it also makes unispins easier if I’m not in the perfect position before trying to do it. Gives more time to aim for the pedals too.

Try and phase this out to the point where only the minimum amount of weight is taken off the tyre so it is still touching the ground lightly.

And as Muniracer said, landing on the cranks is cool, as hitting the pedals comes with practice. You’ll bounce around loads afterwards at first but they get smoother and smoother.


damn I hate that word!!

Horrible isn’t it? I thought that as I typed it! I shall refrain from using where possible.

i nailed one the other day :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: