uni spin!!! movie!!!

well I know its not special to anyone but I learned how to do a uni spin and I made a clip of me doing it:D


i dont want to download it but thats what it makes me do ny way u can adjust it coz im interested!:smiley:

Yeh well done your uni spins looks alot nicer n snappier than mine

Thats really nice!

If you’re looking for constructive criticism; You jump very high for the spin, try moving your legs out to the side more, it might end up as an easier drop back to the cranks. Compared to how I do it, your spin itself is rather slow, and is probably because of where you are holding the saddle to spin. Its difficult to explain, but there are ways of holding the saddle that allows for a very rapid snap spin.

Good job! You just need to work on what I’m trying at the moment, the 180 straight to pedals rather than landing on the cranks.


nice job!
you hop really really high for your unispin…I don’t think thats a bad thing, just interesting. another interesting thing is that you land with only one hand on the seat. cool…

i wish i could spin…i should practice more.

rough, congrats though

Welcome to the gosh dang club… :frowning: :frowning: :angry: :angry: bang


good work, ur unispin has a kind of resemblence to a skate flip for some reason wen i watch it :thinking: i dont know why, but its cool !!

thanks for all the pointers i was trying to get more hight on it just to make it look a little more dramatized. and yeah the one hand thing kinda came naturally I can grab with both but one hand looks cool.

Cool, unispins are awesome.

Just put on some 661s and go for it, 180 unispins are alot easier than standup ww;)

(well for me at least)

180 uni spins arnt actuall too hard phisically, its more mentally. i find that with a lot of tricks. good job in conquering ur mind lol

i wear 611’s to help with the mental part…

that rely does look like a skateboard style flip thats wierd

might be to do with the fast grabing motion on to the cranks??

do u skate??

I used to skate so there is a bit of skate flavour in my riding and in my anger mangement

yup thought as much