uni songs

does anyone know the name of the songs and artists for the chris holmes segments in nwd ??

TCH! :roll_eyes:

Learn to spell!

… At least your own countryman’s name!

*** Kris Holm ***

sorry, i wasnt thinking

thats ok.just mention Marmite and your excused…

The song in New World Disorder is Calling From The Lord by Furnaceface.

I also really like the Lunachick’s cover of the Iggy Pop song The Passenger in that video.

Did they misspell Kris’ name in that video? Some of the earlier videos got Kris’ name wrong. They had something like Chris Holm or Chris Holmes in the credits instead of Kris Holm.

Oh, I thought you were talking about my personal theme music when I arrive home. I have no idea what it’s called- but it’s heavy on the cow-bell.


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Nobody does Iggy Pop songs as well as Jimmy Osterberg.

Just for completeness the rest of the music in New World Disorder is:

Crazy Town “Toxic”
Anthrax “Fueled”
FuManchu “Hell On Wheels”
AFI “Total lmmortal”
The Lunachicks “The Passenger”
Blood for Blood “Living in Exile”
Glueciler “Chewin’ Fingers”
FurnaceFace “Calling From The Lord”
2 Skinnee J’s “The Best”
Upper Class Racket “Roll With It”
Dope “Intervention”
Removal “irr2.06”

Found the list on Google. FoxRacing.com used to have the music listed in their description of the video, but they redid the site and the music list is no longer there.

Whoops, that should be Gluecifer

Theres a spelling correction I agree with!

thanks for the list but does anyone know the song from fat tire fury as well?

“Careful With That Mic” by Clutch from the album Pure Rock Fury

Do you also know the title of Skilletto song?
And the “Unizaba trailer” song?
These are my favorite, and I always sing during my muni rides :sunglasses: