Have you tried indoor unicycle soccer? It is a blast!! The Panther Pride Unicycle Team plays once a week and we love it. Could it be a new offering at NAUCC?

Just use the link below:

Have Fun,
Alan T.

That looks like lots of fun! Where do you get a ball like that?

Wow, is that ball made by Coker?

So do you ram it, kick it, both?

What day is the soccer game?

at1pe_uni plz read

i’m just curious, you say you are from the panther pride unicycling group? what is your name? i think i might know you? :thinking:

hey alan T,

Hey Alan, nevermind about my last post i didn’t read the end of your post. i want to maybe be able to talk to you. this is sierra from the ellensburg uni-group. when you get a chance or when you read this email me plz my email is starrypup16@unicyclist.com
also, i think that the uni soccer is like a great idea it looks like fun:)


The ball is called a “cageball” or “earthball”. The ball seen in the photos is a 36" diameter ball. Try :

The game is played by using the leg, foot, frame or tire to move the ball. Thursday is our split day – first 1/2 Game; second 1/2 skill work & personal goals.