Uni sighting

Hey, a friend of mine saw this guy in Lucerne Washington, now what Cokeur do we know that has long blonde hair that might have been in Lucerne? Hmmmmm.

just in case the picture didn’t get here:

Where’s the seat on the coker?

tha’s what I was wonderin’ too, but I think he’s holding it in his left hand…

Nah, he’s just very, very macho.

Whoa! That viking looking person is Lars Clausen, the man that rode cross country twice covering more than 9,000 miles on his coker; west coast to east coast and back to the west coast. I am reading his book One Wheel - Many Spokes.

It is indeed Lars Clausen.
(One Wheel - Many Spokes author)

Is he back from his current East Coast ride?

Re: Uni sighting

That’s Lars Clausen
One Wheel Many Spokes
Straight Into Gay America