uni sighting

i was recently informed of a uni sighting in my immediate area, and so of course i wanted to follow up on it.

where: dowtown DC
when: sometime in the last few weeks
who: friend described rider as “young, attractive female”

any information would be greatly appreciated. the informer is a nonrider and therefore could not make any remarks on the type of unicycle.

posted reward: $500 dead or alive, but preferably alive


Love at first hearing! Help this man out :wink: There is only one other unicycler I’ve ever heard of any of my friends seeing in Ballard and he’s very young.

my friend jokingly told me that she wanted to ask the girl for her number because she knew someone (me, as the joke goes) who would want to propose to her.

so now the potential riding buddy has been effectively creeped out and wont respond. but i assure you, i am not the humbert humbert that i am usually accused of being…

I dont know who it is but i think i heard of her when I was in DC in the summer.We went to see the new WW2 memorial with some friends.

On the way back I was unicycling and this guy playing the trumpet for money on the street. He yelled over to me and said “Hey can I try that?” Sure if you dont mind if you might fall.

So he trys the mount and failed then he got it the second time and rode down the side walk so far I thought he wasnt coming back but he did. He told me my unicycle is heavy (summit) thats why is was hard for him.

He said there was a girl that came around some times and was like a level 7 or 8 and could wheel walk and other good tricks. Thats about all I know. It was a fun trip well side trick really on the way to a camp in West Virginia.


That must be Harper commuting on his Coker.

From that shirt of Harper I’ve seen he looks to be one hott guy easily mistakable for someone young :wink:

(Don’t complain, these side chats are free bumps!)

Re: uni sighting

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 23:28:44 -0500, “Gobd” wrote:

>From that shirt of Harper I’ve seen he looks to be one hott guy easily
>mistakable for someone young :wink:

Mistakable? Harper IS young. He’s hardly older than me!

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There is a sixteen year old guy who lived just north of me but I couldn’t get him interested in joining the mailing list. There is a girl who might be about 16 in the neighborhood who used to ride frequently.

i was in alexandria last august, and did some trix for my family in a mini mart parking lot… (PS, im a guy, but ive got a mullet, so the mistake could be made) hope that mighdt help!