Uni shoes

Greetings all,

This isn’t a review, exactly, but this ad just popped up in my browser. Look like a possibly good shoe/boot for road or muni riding. (Always looking for good alternatives.) Listed as motorcycle boots, they don’t look as heavy as you would expect m/c boots to be, described as more of a dual-use item. Price looks good! (On sale, at least.) I like the features!
Has anyone ever tried these?


They look pretty slick! Would be interested to hear about the weight (and the sole) :smiley:

I used to always ride in boots, and sometimes still do if I’m going TO somewhere rather than just riding to ride, and these might be perfect for that.

I bought a pair of Ride Concepts Powerline shoes to replace my aging Five Ten Impact high tops. I’ve worn them on numerous rides now and I really like them. The first impression is they’re noticeably lighter than FiveTen. On my scale the Powerline weighs 464 grams (each), FiveTen Impact 606 grams(each). The RC sole is not quite as stiff as FiveTen but it’s not an issue for me. Overall high quality in my opinion. And I really like the elastic lace tuck that’s built in.